17 aprile 2007

You Couldn't Make This Up

So I was watching BBCAmerica this morning (early) just see what the rest of the world was saying about the sad events on the VT campus.
Not quite sure which news program was on, but the commentator was talking about the massacre with a “gun/psychology expert.” (what??) They were talking about the guns used during the incident, and then the commentator asked why this happens more prevalently in the US.
I thought “here comes the Bush-bashing.”
But to my surprise, the “analyst” took a different route.
He claimed that we (as Americans) still think that we live in the wild west. That we (again, as Americans) are just like that. Period.
The commentator pressed on asking maybe we (again, as Americans) are just under way too much stress as a nation. The “analyst” refuted that and stuck to his guns, as it were. Further, he claimed, that in speaking specifically with prosecutors in Ft. Worth, they agreed with him that having guns in the home for protection only leads to the guns being more likely to kill the homeowner.
They say “analyst”, I say biased A-hole.

Some stuffed shirt who doesn’t know a damn thing about what happened at VT is spouting on about gun control in MY country from HIS country. Nothing was mentioned (‘cause he didn’t know) about the nationality or the citizenship status of the gunman.
Nothing else was even blamed.
Not jealousy.
Not video games.
Not breaking existing laws.
Sorry, even with this tragic event, is there any wonder why I’m glad and proud to be an American citizen?

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