31 ottobre 2007


What's the first thing you notice here?

'Cause everyone (in the media, anyway) KNOWS that there is no such thing as a conservative student, right?
Reminds me of a joke from "Chasing Amy."
The easter bunny, santa claus, a lipstick lesbian and a militant lesbian are walking down the street and spot $100 bill. Who picks it up and why?


Good News.
Loved Donnie Darko, but that's it. No way that toad should even be involed with The Reese.

Bad News.
You ever heard of Emerald nuts before his campaign?

Yin and Yang.

29 ottobre 2007

Damn Skippy!

The second picture is from the foul ball I got at Bosox spring training in Ft. Myers this year. So to ESK who thinks I'm a bandwagon jumper over at The Wisconsin Sports Bar, bite me.

24 ottobre 2007

Who Am I?

Ok, this one is fairly easy I know....

***UPDATE: Ok, so, apparently Silent e has a stable of informants he leans on. The woman in this incredible photo is indeed, Isla Fisher. RDW, while I want to give it to you for 'Mrs. Borat' (which is what I refer to her as....well, that or goddess in that pic. but I digress...) technically, she is not...yet. Although she did just create a 'Borat jr.'

Yeah, I know its easy but how could I NOT post this pic?!?
I mean, Oh My God! Look at it. The picture is perfect, in my amature-wannabe-photographer opinion. I mean, she's a decent looking girl, but she isn't anywhere this breathtaking in "real life."

22 ottobre 2007


Yet another example of myopic, bleeding heart, tree hugging liberals harming humans to 'feel good' about a f'cn policy.
The classic line:
[ "More than a billion gallons flow downstream from the north Georgia lake every day...mandates to protect two mussel species in a Florida river." ]

Wake up, people. Before long they'll have us burning our food stock to 'save the planet.'
Oh, wait...

21 ottobre 2007

Is it just me?

Why does this make me think of this?
Or maybe it wont be long before we have midichlorians, huh?

Maybe then I can dunk and stuff...
Something to look forwad to.


This cant be right!
How can a republican 'foreign'-typoe win an election in the south??!?
And in Louisiana, of all places! Don't they know it was all GW's fault for Katrina?!

Oh, that's right. Dihms keep rehashing the same tired stereotypes of repulicans and keep trashing the USA and its people. How they just dont give enough.
Take THAT, beetches.

19 ottobre 2007


OK, so unlike my fellow bloggers, present at the AFP rally held in Madison on Wednesday, I have been absent in giving my reviews – and pictures – of the event. I fancy myself more of a ‘ranter’ than ‘reviewer.’ The review is: it was AWESOME. I do believe that was my first – and hopefully not last – political rally.
I have to go to more…if nothing else to see that there really are lemmings in the world that hold up moronic signs that say ‘Do Your Job!’ when, gee, the people I voted for ARE doing their job showing some responsibility in their actions and my money. It was nice to meet some bloggers I had never met before, and it was very cool to put faces to the blogs.

Madistan is too cool of a town to be taken over by wingnuts.

13 ottobre 2007

Just like real life...

Make stuff up, exaggerate, whip people into a frenzy.
Get rewarded.

Who doesn't know some incompetent moron at work that gets promoted to get him out of the way?

10 ottobre 2007

Medellin v. Texas

This case is in the Supreme Court of the U.S. today.
Why? Well mostly because we have a pansy of a prez when it comes to protecting the borders...but I digress.
My take on this whole think is a bit more far-reaching than this one case.

Basically, the stance is that Medellin was not told he could speak and seek help from the Mexican consulate or some such. Not that he was denied, mind you. Just not told it was an obscure right he had (so obscure his own lawyer didn't know). Anyone reading this aware that illegal aliens committing heinous crimes could do that? I didn’t think so.
He was read his Miranda rights, had a lawyer, the whole schpiel.

The whole thing stems from a treaty that nations have amongst each other. Like a courtesy among them, and to provide protection and – IMHO, protect their own sovereignty.
And that’s the rub, the fly in the ointment for me.

Anyone that knows me knows I would be first in line to flip the switch, hang the rope, drop the pill, or insert the needle – whatever.


If the SCOTUS rules that the compacts that the US entered with other sovereign nations supersede the state rights on how to prosecute foreign criminals, its not all bad.

Once that is established, why cant the US go to all these hokey “sanctuary” cities and say:
“Yo, quit trying to make your own rules and ignoring the sovereignty of the country that gave you the right to even BE a state. This safe haven crap is basically saying ‘This state supersedes YOUR sovereignty’.”
Well, maybe no those exact words….but you get the idea.
You then send Medellin back to his country, where boys and girls can fear him.
He is, of course, released with the implicit point that the US would not be responsible for a stray bullet if he was ever “caught” in the US again.

Go ahead, tell me how off base I am.

Ok, I'm not the only one that finishes this douchebags name with "drug cartel", am I?

08 ottobre 2007

Who Am I?

Yep, its that time.

Clue: No, he's not dead.

**UPDATE: Ok, so e got it on the first try (but he's a weirdo, so it happens). Yep, this is the boy who went from playing "Eddie" in The Courtship of Eddie's Father to the lead singer for The Dead Kennedys. Yikes!
Last time I saw him on tv was in the late 80's...he stunned the audience with his green hair...oooooo....
How times have changed, eh?

You get this, you're weird.
Very Weird.

05 ottobre 2007


Hey, um, anyone else here see sumpthin'?

Hey, I'm not sayin'. I'm just sayin'.

04 ottobre 2007

When nannies collide.

Someone get the Jell-o!
Imagine how many doctors and nannies/federal workers would be put out of business if everyone in these here United States would look up the word "moderation" in the dictionary.
If they have one.

Kinda like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome....two nannies enter, one exits.


That can't be right.
We are at the mercy of big oil, SUV's and people who buy private tickets to fly public jets!
Bet someones upset.....

Just curious, when can someone apply for a 'carbon refund?'

03 ottobre 2007


Loved that movie.
One of my all-time favorites.
Any surprise that when I saw this, it lept to mind??

Better keep Frankie Four-Fingers and Boris away.
I'm just sayin'...

01 ottobre 2007


This is what we are up against.
If you cannot see it, you are stupid.
And blind.


I reeeeeeeally want the Hollywood elites to walk, unarmed with their fame, posse and money falling out of their pockets and try to talk to them. Or sing Kum-ba-ya.


During the course of this summer, I attempted to keep track of the shootings and homicides in the city of Milwaukee.
My rough numbers are ~135 shootings and ~29 homicides.

For 3 months.

And what is the mantra being spewed by the elites of the city? “Deaths are down compared to the pace last year.” From the local rag: “…city has recorded 77 homicides compared to 81 at this time last year.”

Things are looking up!
Hell, I feel safer every day.

Just because you are the tallest dwarf, it doesnt mean you are tall.
It just means you are a tall dwarf.
But still a dwarf.