31 luglio 2006

I hated my job.

Long hours.
Very little pay.
Blame o'plenty.

Reality: I will never complain again. EVER.

Insert "Jeopardy!" theme here.

This is like the old "Which doesn't belong?" puzzles.

Which one of these incidents will get you the most consternation and scrutiny in Hollywood:

1. A liberal getting busted for heroin, repeatedly. (one of many links available)
2. A liberal getting busted for cocaine, repeatedly. (one of many links available)
3. A liberal getting busted for child molestation, repeatedly. (one of many of his links available)
4. A liberal getting busted for killing his wife, well only once so far. (one of many links available)
5. A conservative busted for drunk driving and alleged comments, once. (still, one of many articles)

Reality: Whether he said those things or not, the libs are drooling right now knowing that they can get rid of another conservative in Hollywood. ('specially one with more dough than them)

No, no........NOW we mean it.

I read this headline this morning, and couldn't believe the idiocy of it all.

So the Isrealis "reneged" (thanks to dannyspellcheck for the correction) on their word, and the Arab world is shocked??

This from the pillars of the "all-we-want-is-'our'-land-back" Arab honor community.
Give me a break, now, the're saying they want to play by the rules and treaties?
"Oh, sorry, we didn't really think you were capable of bombing us into glass. So sorry."
Give me a freakin' break.

Reality: If you continue to slap your opponents cheek and he runs out of cheeks to turn, its like poking a sleeping dog or cornered raccoon. Don't act surprised when they attack with pent up years of aggression and kick your ass silly.

29 luglio 2006

Riddle me this, Fledermaus!

After a quick search on the internet, I came up with a list of these countries.
Three questions:
1. What do all these listed countries have in common?
2. Who is missing from this list?
3. Why?
Anguilla - Ireland, Northern - Singapore - Antigua and Barbuda - Ireland, Republic of - Solomon Islands - Australia - Jamaica - South Africa - Bahamas - India -Kenya - Swaziland - Barbados - Lesotho - Tanzania - Belize - Liberia - Tonga - Bermuda - Malawi - Trinidad and Tobago - Botswana - Malta - Turks and Caicos Islands - British Virgin Islands - Mauritius - Uganda Cameroon - Montserrat - United Kingdom - Canada (except Quebec) - Namibia - Cayman Islands - New Zealand - Vanuatu - Dominica - Nigeria - Wales England - Papua New Guinea Zambia - Fiji - St. Kitts and Nevis - Zimbabwe - Gambia - St. Lucia - Ghana - St. Vincent and the Grenadines - Gibraltar - Scotland - Grenada - Seychelles - Guyana - Sierra Leone

1) Title of this post.
2) This.

Reality: Truth is sometime stranger than fiction, eh?

28 luglio 2006

Enough is enough.

Let’s say you live in an affluent sub-division.
Let’s further say you have a neighbor who has told you he wants nothing less than you leaving “his” neighborhood.
This neighbor makes no qualms about letting all your other neighbors know this. In the past, he has:
- spray painted “Die” on your front door
- firebombed your car
- threw countless rocks through your window
- egged and TPd your house
- taken a baseball bat to you mailbox
- put salt on your front lawn

You finally give up and move to a different house, down the block. Figuring if you just ignore this neighbor and don’t respond to him, he’ll go away.
Now said neighbor decides to take your dog.
At this point, you’ve had enough, so you decide to go over to his house with some of your friends and firebomb his car, pour salt on his lawn, baseball bat his mailbox, and egg his house.
Now your subdivision committee president decides to finally speak up and tell you that your response is unwarranted.
Some of your neighbors across the street from where you used to live agree with your subdivision president. They ask “How could you do all those terrible things?!”
Now, there was one, lonely sympathetic neighbor who has watched all the abuse you’ve taken since you moved to the sub-division and stands by you.
This friendly neighbor, however, is scorned by the sub-division president.
You have tried going to the police in the past, only to be told that you complain too much and you are making too much of a big deal about these minor incidents.

So, if anyone is reading this, I ask you:

What is this neighbor to do?

Bias? What bias?, 2

Ok, NOW its news...

Does anyone remember reading front page articles while the economy was coming out of 9/11?
As the economy was kicking ass and taking names?

Reality: Not so much...

27 luglio 2006

Who? Me? Who told you that?!?

So...Floyd Landis continued the American tradition of winning at the Tour de France.
He made up an almost inconceivable amount of time in the Alps to go from 11th to 3rd.


Reality: I will continue to believe Greg Lemond (who I originally thought was a crybaby, but it turns out I couldn't be more wrong) is the only legit American winner of what I consider the toughest sporting event in the world.

25 luglio 2006


Come see ...well heavy cars.

THIS, if nothing else, will be interesting as...uh...hell.
So, if you just want a good time and need to get away from the mundane (or just need to get away from dealing with the everyday hell that may be happening), please join the party. For more info, visit the sponsor.

Reality: The beer, she will be a-flowin', and memories will be made, I'm sure!

24 luglio 2006

Miss Universe

"An 18-year-old aspiring actress from Puerto Rico, who hopes to someday star in U.S. and Latin American films, was crowned Sunday night as Miss Universe 2006."

Gee, aspiring actress. I'm shocked. I'm awed. Ok, obviously a hottie.

Still, this contestant buckled my knees.


Reality: mmmmm....Swiss Miss. mmmmmmmmm

23 luglio 2006

Random Thought


Selective Science

So let me get this straight...
The MALE dean of a university suggesting girls might have different "wiring" in their brains than boys and he is ousted in shame as a bigot. But if a FEMALE professor writes a book suggesting as such she gets lauded as a visionary.

What the ****!!?

Reality: People need to get over themselves. PC garbage will only lead us to stop examining all aspects of any issue for fear of offending anyone. Or even the appearance of offending anyone.

21 luglio 2006

Provoking WILL be punished!!

Could you imagine if basketball players were fined for "talking smack?"
What a joke.


Reality: FIFA is yet another European PC/leftie organization. Sad.

17 luglio 2006

This surf & turf calls for a filet mignon...

Color me shocked.
When I first read this headline, I fully expected to see some sort of tie-dyed creation that the tree huggers were going to use to tell us how everything we do is bad for the environment.
Turns out I couldn’t be more wrong.
Or shocked.


Reality: is sometimes stranger than fiction.

16 luglio 2006

Idiot Question of the day (IQOTD):

This from CNN:
Should the United Nations pursue further action against N. Korea beyond Saturday's resolution of condemnation?

Reality: Naw, of course not! We just need to slap some more of those tough-as-nails, airtight resolutions on N. Korea's wrist....just like they did to Sadam. Or Hitler.

07 luglio 2006

Questions for the Dems:

Wasn't this the guy the Dems promoted as the next VP of the U.S. less than 7 years ago?
Is this guy just not far left enough for the Dems?
Wasn't the media on his side?

Um.....why isn't the guy that picked him to "help" co-lead the country endorsing him rather than his opponent just a few short years later?
(unlike his former boss, he decided against having his wife help....say, does anyone remember how "Tipper" was vilified for wanting to put those "censorship" labels on records? I recall lefties hated that...)


Reality: Lefties, don't you dare stray too far from the extreme left or your "party" will bale on you.

05 luglio 2006



Reality: Stay tuned to this channel for the next end-of-the-world catastrophe.

04 luglio 2006


So I’m sitting here all happy about the 4th and all…very, very proud to be an American, getting ready to watch the World Cup and then this.


Reality: This ain’t gonna end too good for my team…