12 febbraio 2008

Blogging lite

Not that anyone would be bothered by that...

The soon-to-be Mrs. still Unreal-in-law (The soon to be Mrs. still Unreal's mother) suffered a series of strokes over the past week.

She is undergoing a battery of tests at St. Luke's in Milwaukee. As a matter of fact we are on our way up there right now.

We would appreciate any prayers for her well being.

04 febbraio 2008

Know what?

'Nuff said.

H/T Unkie Fred

This must be part of the whole lemming "core samples" BS.

03 febbraio 2008


This is what happens when there are so many laws, you can't really keep track.

It appears that even when my peeps screw up they do a good...er..ish thing.
I think this kind of explains some of the fashions coming out of Milan, eh?