27 gennaio 2009

Dude! Are you serious?!?

Your International Spy Name is Wolf Goodnight

Your Code Name: Punchline
You Reside in: Geneva

Why You're a Good Spy: You're a good lover

This is totally me!

Well, the reality is that this is just another stupid internet timewaster.

.....but its really freakin' cool!

22 gennaio 2009


I'm getting old.
Today is the 25th anniversary of the most influential commercial ever.
IMHO. After all, it aired once and it was tour de force.

And so began the age of granola and elitism.
Just because you have an Apple computer, does not mean that you have a better product. It's difficult for all you Applejacks to grasp, I know.
But it's true.

16 gennaio 2009

Sorry, ladies...

Sometimes its just good to be a guy.

Clearly, just guys would be bad.
Its just such a simpler life.

13 gennaio 2009

Bad news, geeks:

Your XBOX360 and Wii are outdated...

So is my PS3...and the other two I wanted to buy.

03 gennaio 2009

Admit it,

You have a dirty mind:

Of course I DVR this.
Better to wake up to this humor than anything on the local stations.