24 settembre 2008


We've all seen political hacks in our days, but the tone deaf nature of Barry Obama vis a vis John McCains delaying the scheduled debate is bizarre. Obama and Joe Biden are probably 2 of the biggest posers in political history. Biden thinks FDR was President in 1929, and Obama thinks HE is President in 2008.
The gaffe machines rolls on. Keep up the good work democrats.

Ah...the wonders of socialism

Now, I ask you, how could this be possible without government intervention or help??

I'm from the government and I'm here to help.
Be afraid.

18 settembre 2008

The new change.

Just like Mondale -- and you know how well that went for his campaign.
Or any good wealth distribution socialist.
What a toool. He finally speaks the thoughts of the dems out loud.
Patriotic to pay more, not to do more.
Kennedy would be proud (the one that didn't kill Mary Jo).

Think obamination bangs his head on the wall every time he regrets picking mr. soundbite?
Or do you think the wall is already destroyed?
What do you think hillary is thinking?
These debates are gonna rock.

16 settembre 2008


"The war is lost."
"General Betray us."
and this dooooooozy.
"Oil is killing us. Coal is killing us. It's called GLOBAL WARMING and it's killing our country and killing our world."
Harry Reid's sons are like Joe Bidens' son. Lobbyists.
Harry is a Lib/Dem Senator from Nevada.

How does Harry "dimbulb" Reid, think that those who make Nevada successful, specifically Las Vegas............GET TO...... Las Vegas????

Solar jet power??

Libs are bereft of any moral compass or honesty.

15 settembre 2008

PJ O'Rourke Award Goes To....

Someone wanna clarify something for me?
As I was driving yesterday, I heard that WEAC sponsored the 2 minute warning during the Packer game.


Oh, that's right, its for the kids.
Kids listen to football on the radio, so.....

12 settembre 2008


Simple question for Charles Gibson of ABC news.
Mr.Gibson, you asked Governor Palin whether she supported and/or agreed with the "Bush Doctrine".
Maybe she did.
Maybe she didn't.
Mr.Gibson? What is the Bush doctrine?
Mr.Libson? I believe it is customary to "cite" references. I do understand that, YOU, as an ABC news reader, are accustomed to reading SCRIPT, and that you may not have signed off on or necessarily approve of, BUT.... you seemed to imply that there was a "Bush doctrine". And even after Governor Palin answered your flawed/biased question twice, you continued.
That is laudible Charlie Libson, but.... could you please annotate, just exactly what the basis for your question was?? I mean it's easy to ask "Who won the election in 2000?". Because we all know that GORE did........right?? But, who defined what the "Bush Doctrine" is Mr. Libson?
The entire Charlie Libson "gotcha" moment was predicated on Governor Palin answering a loaded question, based upon Charlie Libson's SELF-INTERPRETATION of what "Bush Doctrine" was defined as.

Sad. Desperate.


My first weeky (weakly) winner on this subject was an easy choice.

Pamela Anderson. Yes that Pamela Anderson, skin magazines, Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, Tommy again botox, boob jobs, etc......

It occurred to me that Sarah Palin handled Chuck Gibson and his "Bush Doctrine" faux pas question quite well. But what you may not know is that Pamela Anderson responded today when she gave her synopsis of the Bill Clinton Doctrine. She summed it up in 2 words.



I read the Associated Press account, but it really didn't make it clear if she made the team or not. Does this mean she cannot be Homecoming Queen??

GREEN BAY, Wis. — A 33-year-old woman is accused of stealing her daughter's identity to attend high school and join the cheerleading squad.
Wendy Brown is charged with felony identity theft after enrolling in a Wisconsin high school as her daughter.
The criminal complaint says Brown admitted to telling school officials she was 15 because she wanted to get her high school diploma and join the cheerleading squad.
She allegedly attended practices, received a cheerleader's locker and went to a pool party at the coach's house.
The complaint says Brown has a history of identity theft. Her daughter lives in Nevada with Brown's mother.
There was no attorney listed in Brown's online court records. Her home number could not be found.

11 settembre 2008


I can remember exactly where I was on that fateful day.
I was unemployed that month. I was listening to Lazer (shut up) and hearing how the WTC was on fire – the live shots were on TV. Being the large building geek I am, I tuned in to CNN….and watched.
I then saw the second plane hit live.
I thought I was watching tape, until I realized that the other building was already on fire.
I was so stunned, I watched news channels for the rest of that month. Not really looking for a job. It was during this time that I became a Fox News Channel regular.
The proof?
This morning around 8 when FNC (to be fair, so was CNN) was showing the memorials at the Pentagon and WTC live, this was on some of the other channels:
Today Show: Pacino & Deniro interviews
GMA: Dolphin army?
Local Fox: Gus Gnorski on tour in Germantown
MSNBC: Replay of the broadcast featuring Katie and Matt. Katie was still waiting for it to be a bomb.

This is remembrance? Never forget??
Hey, d-bags, even if you disagree with whatever politics, 2,700+ people died from an attack on the US.
I guess they’ll just wash over 12/7, too.
After all, once the obamassiah is on the throne, you wouldn’t want to get stuck in the past.
But apparently, stuck on stupid is ok.
Jucking fackasses.

Ooooooooooooo Barracuda

The more the left attempts to slime Sarah Palin, the more the left slides into oblivion.
Sweet irony. Empty suit Illinois Senator Barack H. Obama has lived by the media sword. And apparently Mr. Obama is self inflicting his "dying by the sword" wounds. Obama owned the "minority/grievance/victim class high ground. He got fat and sassy. He started to believe the hype. He was "destined", he was "chosen"......like the SHAM-WOW.....Germans loved him!! He could chain smoke his ciggy butts without fear of being exposed! (I'm sure he smokes Kool's) He has never been asked about Bill Ayers to any serious degree. Dan Rather and Chris Matthews didn't need to forge papers related to B.H.Obama's service to our nation. Barry was home free!!!!
HOME FREE!! As free as the wind blows, as free as the grass grows and so on........UNTIL.........

Ooooooooooooooooooooh Barracuda!!

10 settembre 2008


Suck it, algore.

Yeah, ok, it's one book.
Plus all the other scientists/climatolagists that don't dare speak their minds for fear of being ostracized (for more on this, I humbly refer you to the videos on the right).

Thanks for frucking up our lives with bs taxes, bogus "carbon credits" and enough d-bag legislation that caused some car factories to close.

05 settembre 2008

Ah, changing back to High School...

We have spirit, yes we do!
We have spirit, how 'bout you?!?

This is your press release for change?
Why dont you mention your broken word?
Now THAT would be change.
Grow up, ass-wipe.

04 settembre 2008

The Chicago Way.

Do you get it yet?
It's alot like this:

But you'd better be ready for this:

Poser, you are going to get killed in the debates.
Your VP nominee's hair plugs are already quaking.

Compare & Contrast:

Obama is Mr. Regular guy, right?
So he hangs out with the regular people, right?


What a joke.
Cult of personality at its height.
"Oh, you're the mother of somebody famous?? Anything you want, then!"

03 settembre 2008

Just wow...

h/t to just about everyone that had it before me.

I wanna vote for this guy.
Key line "MLK, a Republican by the way."
Ah, yes, the liberal dirty little secret.