21 aprile 2007


This is just a bit of...well, not doublespeak - per se - but certainly..well, odd.

On the one hand, you get this:
|| "A rise of just 16 feet would affect 669 million people and 2 million square
miles of land would be lost.
" ||

|| "Sea levels are currently rising about 0.04 to 0.08 inches each year, making it unlikely such a scenario would suddenly occur across the globe, Usery said."||

So I'm a tad bit confused.
According to some, rising ocean levels will devestated those on coasts within 100 years. This article clearly contradicts that stating that natural disasters would be the cause - seeing as oceans are rising at a level of "0.04 to 0.08 inches each year"...which means without natural disasters, it would take approximately 200 years.

Get your stories straight, Global Warming alarmists.
It shouldn't be too difficult - what with the concencus and all.

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