31 agosto 2008


I think Bubba would settle for sleeping with one eye open when he's home.

Now its over right?
Unless she plans on one more run in 2012 when her slogan will be "I told you so" and "My husband and I tried to tell you."
Hey, unity by convenience is still unity, right?

26 agosto 2008


Driving home last nite from one of the talking heads at the convention.

"Ted Kennedy is just such a heroic American."

When I think "American Hero" I immediately think of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Teddy Kennedy.

Who doesn't?

I can't decide who is a bigger broomstick: Teddy or the talking head that called him a hero.
Ya think Mary Jo's parents and family refer to him as a hero every July 19th?

22 agosto 2008


I guess its kismet that he died in an auto accident.
But its ironic that he was on a Vespa and not one of the supercars his firm designed.

If a friggin' Ford Fiesta can do this to a Vespa, what do you think a Ford F-150 Supercab can do to a smart car?
If you'd like to see some of the vehicles Pininfaria designed, go here--about half way down.

As Basil Fawlty might say:

Don't mention the war!
Ok, so you need to be a complete geek to get that reference.
But, really, I don't think this will be a special Olympic moment montage on NBC.

[ "I played my first Games in Barcelona in 1992 and got laid more often in those two and a half weeks than in the rest of my life up to that point." ]

Damn, one less calzone and I coulda been a contenda.
Ok, alot less.

20 agosto 2008

What do you mean, "what do you mean?"

Its good to know not everyone is a media hound. I've seen specials on this guy (he has a brain tumor), and he really defines the term "gentle giant."
Non-assuming too.
[ (Stadnyk told Reuters he doesn't)
"need glory. I just want a normal life under normal conditions."

Crazy, huh?

Wow, in this day and age someone who actually shuns the spotlite.
Somebody alert Paris.

19 agosto 2008

Question of the Day.

If the Obama campaign lemmings can claim racism if he doesn’t get enough votes from white people, can McCain claim that 90% of the black people that vote for Obama are racist?

16 agosto 2008

Who am I?

NO HINTS. 9 out of 10.
Ok, maybe 11 out of 10.

How this guy doesn't have the Congressional Medal of Honor is beyond me.

14 agosto 2008

I can haz moniz?

Or at least my racist children can.....being a minority and all.

So then will the race debate finally be open for business?
Will I still be called a racist for wanting to classify myself as only an American?

(Starring the greatest cat evah - Jezebel)

09 agosto 2008

Oy vey!

'existential damage'

Could you imagine if people were allowed to sue here?

I'm ashamed at some of the things I used to yell out at Bulls fans.
Good thing I wasn't sued or I'd even be worse off!

07 agosto 2008

Ah, yes....the news...

This from toda's MSNcrapBC's front page:

How much longer of a sentence do you think this guy will get just for thinking about harming his holiness?

How's this for bullshhhhh....:
"Salim Hamdan says he worked as Osama bin Laden's driver because he needed a job."

Yeah, ok, asswipe.
I'm sure the gas meter attendants said the same thing at Auschwitz.
What a joke.

04 agosto 2008

Hey, guess what?

We have a new proclimation:

[ "Iran Tests 'New Weapon', Says It Can Easily Close the Strait of Hormuz" ]

Hey, Nutjob, we have an 'old weapon' that we can easily turn your pissy little country into a parking lot.