27 giugno 2009

Final Edit.

I really like penne all'arrabbiata...its my fav.
This would have really made the movie more popular, dontcha think?

19 giugno 2009

Comin' at ya!!

This is actually my favorite song from the old country, circa 1976.
The song is really not about what I had been led to believe....
Long story that can only be explained verbally or at a much later time.

07 giugno 2009

You drive like a girl.

You wish.
I know everyone is all bent out ouf shape over Danica Patrick, but she's just a telentless seat warmer compared to Sabine Schmitz.
Look her up on You Tube if you have the time.
Watch one lap. The "Queen of the Nurburgring" is well worth the driving lessons.

While this may be an older clip, whats not to love??
I recomend watching the entire thing (to get the full effect of why I love Top Gear so much), but the money lines are from 4:50 to ~5:55.
I wish I could drive like this girl.

01 giugno 2009

You're kidding right?

This looks like a cross between uber-cute and cute.

Ok, so I'm a big ol' geek.
Or did someone else think this looked like a character from the old "Magician Lord" (fast forward to 1:39 - 1:43) game?
Hey, its my favorite game. What?
(hey, at least you're not married to me. somewhere the Mrs. is shaking her head, I'm sure)