29 novembre 2006


There are liars, damn liars and statistics.

I blame global warming.

28 novembre 2006

Why are judicial appointments necessary?

Because this what the lefties want to waste your time with. Nothing in this country is as important as a feel-good, do-nothing law that the lefties can use to climb onto their soapboxes with.

Folks, don't for a second think these BS lawsuits will stop here.
Sure, we're fighting a war. Sure, we need to solve thousands of problems.
But hey, if we can make it illegal to ban CO2, why not!! Not like we have anything better to do. 300 million down, 5.7 Billion to go! Idiots.
For the record, lefties, lets review: Islamic fascists want to see you die too and you also regularly give off CO2!
Just a thought.

22 novembre 2006

I can't wait to leave...

To leave Diamond Jim's playhouse, that is.
This is his Clinton-esque way of "fighting" for the common man:

"Doyle also said a proposed $80 annual fee to register vehicles each year - up from $55 - is "too high" and a $10 increase would be "more reasonable." The $80 fee was recommended days after the election by the state Department of Transportation."

This comes from the same brain trust that told you to vote for DJ because he balanced the budget. Now some guy in the inner city with an '87 Ford Tempo or a guy with not alot of money (like me) can pay the same amount as some "richie" does on his 3 Land Rovers.
Yay equality!!

I'm done pussy-footing around. The folks that voted this laying sack of dog feces (apologies to actual dog feces for the offense) are just friggin' morons!
Doyle voter: "Huh? What? I didn't see that coming at all...the budget was balanced, see..."
Shut up!
You are (mostly) the same morons that nearly elected a fellow moron as the DA. Good news, tho, she'll still be in the Diamond Jim network and the head of the DNR...but that'll be a post for another day.

21 novembre 2006

Excuse me, Mr. Gore?

Um...yeah...global warm this, you putz.

Just curious...how many more "exceptions" to this global warming rule are we going to ignore until before it becomes more than a "zany coinkydink?"

19 novembre 2006

THIS is who we're supposed to listen to?

Whenever someone mentions to me the “Munich Olympics” I think – “sure, the one where the Jewish athletes were kidnapped and killed. I’ve heard of it.”

Could I seriously be more messed up in think of it as that simple?

I just finished watching a documentary this morning on IFC of all places (shoot me, I’m a very early riser) called “A Day in September.” A couple of thoughts:

Holy Clusterfuck, Batman!
Sorry, that is the only way to describe the lack of communication, inaction and ineptness of the Germans during this whole conflict. The top 3 being:
i. We don’t need to tell our snipers that there are 8 kidnappers instead of 5
ii. We’ll just order the armored cars to arrive at the airport about an hour after the shooting starts
iii. We don’t really need communication with all our “response forces.”

They though that they could “negotiate” with the terrorists after the shooting started.
This was such a ridiculous idea, even one of the German officials who was interviewed for the documentary started chuckling at the fact that the terrorists started shooting at the “negotiator” while he was talking. The German official chuckled, “I’m sorry, it is all kind of funny to me now.” Apparently, he could still chuckle after a grenade was thrown into one helicopter filled with tied-up Jewish athletes and machine gun was emptied into the other ‘copter.

What happened after was just as repulsive as what happened during.
Three of the terrorist/murderers were captured, but would never stand trial. See, shortly after the incident, a waaaay under booked Lufthansa flight – with no women or children on board, even – was hijacked. Guess what the hijackers demanded? Yup. The release of the 3 remaining Munich terrorists. Without consulting – let alone notifying the Israeli government, or any other – they were released.
Later, one of the hijackers admitted that it was a set up (no duh) by the German government so they wouldn’t be terrorized again. I guess training doesn’t count. The same “chuckling official” from above was asked about the hijacking. As a somber look crossed his face, he replied with “I can’t comment on that.”

Disgusted by the actions, the Israelis set up an assassination squad to find and kill the remaining 3 terrorists. 2 were found and killed. The third appeared in this documentary “for the first time since” and is currently hiding in Africa. WHAT??! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? Isn’t that aiding and abetting of some sort????
I thought Hollywood made a movie about this, so I went off to IMDB to find “Munich.” It was sad. “Justice or revenge?” it cried.
Personally, I think both. You kill 11 people when all they want to do is go to a sporting event, then I’m taking away your breathing privileges. Is that justice or revenge, I don’t rightly care. Both, probably.
But what I do know is that the Germans handled the actual kidnapping like crap and then made it worse by their actions on the Lufthansa flight.