05 aprile 2007

Is it me??

Would somebody please help me out here?
See, I’m from Eye-taly and I guess I just don’t get your guy’s (and mine) system all too well – I’ve only been here a few years and all (only 30yrs). Please forgive me.
These here “referenda” that seem to be springing up all over the state….these are taxes over and above the regular school-related property taxes, right? (or not, this is where I need the help).

If it is, what the hell??!!?
Seems pretty simple to me.
Your school boards are doing nothing short of their best imitation of Pontius Pilate (figured it was an appropriate allegory considering the season, and all…).
You know – “don’t look at us, YOU all didn’t vote for the money we needed. WE asked for it, after all.”
What happened to “You elected us to look over the budget, and we effed it up. So give us more, ‘cause this job is pretty easy, we don’t even need to do anything….so we’d like to keep this job”

Seriously, folks, when are we going to stand up and say “What the f***?!!?” – and not in the Tom Cruise, Risky Business way, either!
Mean it!
YOU are a source of an endless revenue stream for all the people we elect as our representatives. Think yourself as the trough all our "legislators" are feeding off of.
I mean....at least we can call a spade a spade where I come from. ;-)

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