25 aprile 2007

Roht, roh, Shaggy!

Now what?

Money line:

] "Switching from gasoline to ethanol _ touted as a green alternative at the pump – may create dirtier air, causing slightly more smog-related deaths, a new study says." [

Or this article.
Money line:
] "But accepting that does not mean accepting that any kind of alternative energy is by default a good thing." [

Yeah...I'm gonna go ahead and guess that this won't get too much widespread airplay from the M.S.M. which is too busy feeling good about doing everything in their power to bring down big oil. This is what I was talking about earlier when I said that algore is bad because he takes us away from truly focusing on the problem and analyzing it rather than jump on the first - or anything - alternative form of energy that is different than Big Oil.

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