24 gennaio 2007

So tell me.....

do you all feel better now?

What a joke.
Why not just call it "feel good" or "soundbite for my next re-election?"

23 gennaio 2007

The dichotomy is mind boggling...

Wow. Can you believe this?
I'm just saying, even a hard-core gambler like me was a bit shocked by this post......

"Dictator" seems a bit harsh. Why, I remember back in the day when I was denied my pate de faux gras. Wait, that was yesterday.
......and its a good thing we don't have a president that's left a trail of women accusing him of such things.

Next year.....

Is seriously shaping up to be very pro-geek.
Yes, I can't wait. (or is it "no, I can't wait? whichever...I can't wait)

"Oh! That is cool."

21 gennaio 2007

Excuse me?

Does anyone remember this story?
'Cause I don't.
I love how Cora the physisit saves face by blaming the damn humans - despite what she sees - by saying:
"No one predicted the dramatic loss of ozone in the upper stratosphere of the Northern Hemisphere in the spring of 2004. That we can still be surprised illustrates the difficulties in separating atmospheric effects due to natural and human-induced causes."
So this is considered "science" these days?
Good grief.

Maybe you didn't hear about it because there is no feel-good legislation that can be passed to prevent solar flares?
Maybe 'cause Al didn't cover it in his movie?
Maybe there are no taxes to be collected from it?
In the end, I think maybe people just don't like to hear that - in reality - they don't have much say about what happens in the cosmos.
This isn't a case of an ant trying to move a mountain, its a case of an ant trying to move the moon.

19 gennaio 2007

Blame Canada?

Ocean levels rising? Blame global warming.
Drought conditions? Blame global warming.
Crazy freezing climate? Blame global warming.

But in the end, blame Bush, of course.
All the do-gooders in the EU will feel like they are making a difference and taking a stand, dammit!

Just curious how all the "tree huggers" address the fact that there have only been machines on this Earth for about 150 years, and yet the glaciers melted, anyway? I guess it must have been the beavers or something.
And how are they going to react in, say, 20 years when the status still exists - contrary to that great climatologist Al Gore says.
And what are they going to say when the sun's "sunspot cycle" peaks, and it gets chilly again? Or a gigantic solar flare(s) hits the Earth? Oops....my fault, do-gooders cant control that through feel-good legislation. Oh, sorry, the Sun cant be politicized.
Its kind of like Tommy Lee Jones' line to Wesley Snipes in "The Fugitive": "I dont caaaaaare."
The Sun doesnt care. Sorry.
It will burn. It will die, eventually. It will affect Earth regardless of legislation in 1 country or 25.
Not the biggest, fastest growing country, mind you.
Just ours.

Whoa, daddy!!

I’ve said before what a huge geek I am. When I worked construction, I was mesmerized sometimes by the huge machinery and some ridiculously large construction projects all around me.
Well, THIS pretty much pegs my “geek meter.”
Last I heard, they were already on the 100th floor.
Just so you get the idea of the scope of this thing, go here.

This is so cool to me…..but…
Please note the name of one of the contractors chosen to build it.
I thought they were related. If I’m mistaken, please let me know.

18 gennaio 2007


He says something funny.
What. A. Delusional. Moron.

I really hope this is true.
I will provide lots of material.

17 gennaio 2007

Question of the Day:

What am I missing?
Story A
Story B

"Global warming poses a dire threat to human civilization that is second only to nuclear weapons."
Wtf?? OMG!!!!!
Forget what you might have learned or know, the politicians will tell you what you need to know. I'd bet my tuna on it.

Seriously, did you know?

That this could happen??
In all my biology classes (that I can remember) I don't remeber anything about too much water killing you with such force and swiftness.
I thought you were supposed to drink 1/2 your weight in water - in pounds to ounces - daily. So a 200lb. man has to drink roughly 100 ounces of water a day (nearly a gallon).
Now, I understand that she had to "hold it" for as long as she could....but who hasn't had a bar night where mass quantaties have been consumed and - for some reason or another - had to hold it?

While this is a tragic event, to say that they should have foreseen this is ludicrous.
People keep their jobs for doing far worse things than putting up a contest with unbeknownst repercussions (Listen up, Mr. Kennedy....and Condit).

16 gennaio 2007

I'll take "What's the f**ing point" for a $1,000, please Alex.

Anyone know?

Someone must have not "felt good" about the sentence.
Gee, I know I'll be sleeping better tonite knowing this mess is cleared up.

Thank GOD for the U.N.

Good thing the U.N. is there to dispute the official government numbers on deaths and wounded and such.

Maybe they can "rework" the official numbers in Milwaukee, ATL, Detroit and N.O....

Bias? What bias?, 3

Headline One. (Front page headline: Iran buys surplus U.S. military gear)
Headline Two. (Front page headline: How American Weapons Wound Up in Iran and China)
Both are about the same story.

Unless one really reads the article, the drive-by readers will only get that the Pentagon is selling arms directly to those countries. What a joke.

Isn't this a problem?

Looks like someone is trying to put an end to internet search engines.
Sounds like a great idea, right?
Damn Google finding pages all over!

And you wonder why our courts are "bogged down?"
Lawsuits like this are beyond stupid....IMHO.

11 gennaio 2007

Idiot Check

Oh come ON!!
This was my favorite toy - by far - growing up!!

Granted, its not the same toy. You used to be able to buy "bulk" amounts of this stuff and just...create. These days, it has to be a pre-determined castle or spaceship.
My proudest moments were when I created all 5 lions from "Voltron" that were able to be re-assembled into the big robot. Or the spaceship from 2001.
Hey, I've admitted to being big geek.
Why not strive to be the biggest, right?

H/T Charlie "Blogfather" Sykes

South Park had it right all along...

Blame Canada.

Canada sucks. Anyone wanna tell me how its so easy to do this?
Oh, that's right...they don't think they have a problem, they just want what we got.

08 gennaio 2007

I wonder if Mr. Corleone knows about this?

Patron in Spanish means "Godfather."
That is one moniker they'll never own. Pffftt....

Lets take a quick score, shall we?
Language doesn't define you as American.
Currency doesn't define you as American.
Citizenship doesn't define you as American.
Someone want to tell me what's left?
And please don't say "ideology" 'cause as Allah knows, someone will strike you down for that, too.

Holy Cow.....!

As a kid, I wasn't even all that excited about any Transformers.
I am now.


05 gennaio 2007

Well THIS should settle it.

Once and for all!!
Get it right, people. Its all about how the evil Americans are to blame for all the world's ills - especially Al-queda!
Damn you for having a ...er..presence there!
Damn you infidels for making a movie about it!
Damn you!
You know, if it wasn't for America, there would be absolutely no reason for Islamists to be militant. ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!!

Do you finally get it? It doesn't matter what we do or don't do. Crazy people will blame anything to achieve conquest.
If you don't get it, get help.
If you don't get it, get real.

You don't know Jack!

But its ok!
This is America, we don't really care.
We just want to feel.............er, uh...we just want YOU to feel good!

What a friggin' croc!
I took this test when I became a citizen. A girl "in training" who appeared to be just out of high school was being mentored by a guy who could barely speak English!!! (I swear to God I think it was Apu from Seinfeld)
This is such a joke that its even up for debate.
Its TEN FRIGGIN' QUESTIONS, and you get to know them before you take the test!!!!!!!
I wish college was that easy. Or my job.
Sorry, those immigrants that are pissing and moaning about this are nothing but jackasses.

Color me stupid, I guess.

"This is a dramatic and disturbing event."
"we are losing remarkable features of the Canadian North"
"Consistent with climate change"
"unusually warm temperatures definitely played a major role."

Those were all quotes from the 'front' of the article.
Hidden within the article, - in the second to last paragraph - however, is this little gem:
"Within days of breaking free, the Ayles Ice Shelf drifted about 30 miles offshore before freezing into the sea ice."
Wait...aren't the oceans getting warmer?
Ice still freezes at at 32 degrees, right? Or has global warming now affected the basic laws of thermodynamics, too?
Dammit!! I knew I should have paid more attention in Physics (?).

03 gennaio 2007


So today I decided to check to see if anyone actually visits my meager little blog and lo and behold, look who it is!

See folks, six months ago I was fired from the company I worked for in Greenfield.
Seems I had an issue with some of the waste and redundancies I was seeing, so I spoke out – those of you that know me or have worked with me (Fred) won’t be shocked by this.
Along with this severe ineptitude there was a Queen “B” who ruled the roost. No one knew exactly how she had come to rule, they all just accepted it as a fact of life. I spent many, many a conversations listening to the vile, hateful and – for the most part – true statements made about her. Everyone was afraid to stand up to her way of doing things. Well, as you’ve guessed, I was not. Repercussions be damned.
So deep ran their level of ineptitude, that their first attempt to fire me failed miserably.
They had pinned their hopes on the fact I was dating the receptionist at the time (I’ll spare you the hypocrisy of this; I’ll just say that there are no less than a half dozen married couples who met “at the office” currently there).
Reluctantly, they decided to “give me another chance.” After about a month or so of hell, they used the excuse that the customer wanted me off a project – mostly because I couldn’t get the sub-contractors in line.
Crazy, though…I had predicted a fall guy when the project started. There was one person responsible for hiring ALL the contractors and setting up the pricing/contracts spent months ignoring issues I presented to him. And what of the Queen? Oh, she was busy making money for her shady contractor – which she did very well.

Anywho, to make an even longer story slightly shorter, the division I was in was renamed “The Project Management Group.” Actually we were nothing more than glorified pencil-pushing babysitters. We couldn’t stray, manage or control, and we sure as hell weren’t a “group.”

I guess things have slowed down for them these days (big surprise) because they seem to have time to look into my meaningless pontifications.

Whoever this was, quit being a coward and expose yourself.
By the time you read this, I’ll know you’ve been here again.

02 gennaio 2007

Now we can ALL sleep better tonight.

Knowing that whoever committed such an atrocity to a statesman is going to be hunted down and made to pay!
I'm appalled!
No amount of time or money will be enough to make these evildoers pay, dammit!

Ya, ok, let's go the whole nine yards on what he deserves and spend 10 seconds and 38 cents on the "investigative probe."
Probe this.
Quit wasting any more time and money on that jackass.