30 giugno 2007

Indulge me...

I just finished watching "The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)", and I can't help myself.
This song is amazing. I think someone out there in the blogosphere recently posted this song.
Still, its not about the video.
Just listen.

Its the only song I know that gives me goose bumps every time I hear it.
EVERY time.

29 giugno 2007


still Unreal Simpson:

and, of course...

H/T The Early Spin
Maybe it's not that close, but....I can't wait for this movie!
Anyone? Is it close?
(its the biggest, most roman looking nose I could find, OK?)

28 giugno 2007

Oh, no he did-uhnt..

oh yes.... 2 of 3 bands soon to be off the "before I (or they) die" list...

July 6, 2007 - 7 pm.
Its not quite 7-7-07, but I'll take it...
FINE....life just got a tad bit better. But just a tad.

25 giugno 2007

Time to reevaluate...?

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with MS. At the time, not knowing what the heck it was, the only question I had for the doctor was “Is it contagious?” He assured me that it wasn’t. I shrugged it off and off I went. Ignorance was bliss.
Fast forward 8 years, fall victim to knowledge and über-expensive meds just to do….well, pretty much nothing and your perspective changes.
A few months back, after I had decided to succumb completely to lethargy and apathy brought on by the MS, it seemed like a good idea to move to Iceland …….or Ulaanbaatar and live in a cave. Even went so far as to price out the one-way tickets. After all, it was really all I could do, right?

After complete self-absorption, self-deprecation and self-pity I met someone who, for a while, got me out of that funk.
And what happens when the world you think you know comes crashing down on you for the umpteenth f*@#ing time?

Well, if you guessed that Iceland is just too damn cold and Ulaanbaatar is just a bit too far off the beaten path, you’d be partly right. You then wait a few months to tie up loose ends, then implement the plan, in general – I feel older and wiser, and the destinations have changed.
These are numbers for travel next March. It may seem a long way away, but you all (like 5 of you) know that as you age, time reeeeeeeeeeeeally flies.
All are one-way tickets...
Back to my home town: ~$1,800
Sicily , Godfather-style: ~$1,800
Just outside Florence with the crazy aunt: ~$1,300
Milan , with my cousin – (incredibly cool) son of said crazy aunt: ~$600 (….thru Ireland, 12 hr layover !!!, sweet!)
Lampedusa (I love this isle): I figure I can “boat” there if I go to my hometown…

Yeah, I realize I finally became a (proud) citizen of the USA only to go back “home”, but its as far away as I can get.
I think we have a winner! (yes, I know they are pretty much the same....once I get there it'll be as easy as going from North Dakota to Miami, anyway..)
Besides, I think I can pick up on the language as well as satisfy my inner history geek at the same time.... Thoughts? Other destinations? Anyone? Bueller?

23 giugno 2007

So, tell me again....

Why we shouldn't go after the employers because they don't know?

So let me get this straight....your law office holds a seminar specifically on how to recruit illegal aliens, you "clearly" state your goal and yet -
When you are confronted by a news organization, you say that you made some "bad choices" in your words???

22 giugno 2007

21 giugno 2007

Slippery Slope

For all of you that believe that there is no slippery slope of the decreasing standards in our society, I humbly present you with this story:

I recently changed my home page from MSNBC to FoxNews. Every time I open Explorer, one of those annoying pop-ups appear and I quickly close it. This particular pop-up stopped me in my tracks before I could close it.
On the heels of Racine's "pimp my library card" there is this pop-up below:

Are you kidding me?? This after last night I hear Fox refused to air a condom manufacturer commercial (which I liked, thought it was pretty funny and had no problems with).

Holy Crap!!!

I'm linking to a Canadian paper about global warming reality, eh!
Run for the hills, the end is nigh, yah!

So basically, this science will be refuted as either "biased" or "looney", but I don't really think the sunspots and reality give a rat's pattotie.

Signs of summer...

On this, the first day of summer, I'd like to remind or inform the 2-3 readers of this blog some of the "signs of summer."

For all of you afraid of the water, its ok, just don't forget your sunscreen.

In Milwaukee, the summer wilding season started a tad bit early. Of course, the local "paper" (and by paper I mean toilet paper) didn't think it was that big a deal and and the scramble started with the apologists coming out of the woodwork here. Nationally, its a different story, but we don't like to talk about that.

The Milwaukee police say they "had a plan" for Juneteenth. Like they do for the upcoming Carnage Season - or some may call it "summer." It starts like this.

All things considered, I'll take the beach and all it's perils then within 100 miles of Milwaukee.
Make that 10, 000 miles.

18 giugno 2007

Go figure.

Take one part government + anything = Complete clusterf.....

You get the idea.

God forbid they should just build the refineries so the prices drop.

17 giugno 2007


Ok, so...my epitath is to read:

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com

And my name means:

still unreal --


Having the texture of congealed cheese

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com

Yeah, be..er..Masked, I'm done with your quizzes.

16 giugno 2007

Wanna feel insignificant?

Go here.

Then tell me about how machines are the worst things ever.

Find God, not Gore.
I'm just sayin'.

15 giugno 2007

Road Trip!!!!!!!!!!!

How cool is this??!!??!!

I gots to go!
I'd like to believe I wouldn't cringe like a 4 year old little girl who lost her parents in Times Square...but I can't make any promises.

Bias? What bias??!? (part 5, 000,000)

Olberman on a speaking error by an general:

Olberman on this one (ok, everyone has somehow forgotten this little nugget...why do you think that is?)

Lets expand that to ALL media....
Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

12/10,000.....eh, understandable. He had waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more to worry about on the campaign trail than any stupid general. After all, have YOU dealt with The Hillary lately?
Granted Olbermann has been a waste of oxygen (God knows he's on of the main causes of global warming with all the hot air he spews) since he left sports - and even then he was marginally entertaining.
Now he's a caricature. A bitter, blind and stupid one at that.

03 giugno 2007


In case you were wondering..

H/T The Masked Blogger