29 agosto 2007


Shining example of the future of "journalism."
Headline from MSNBC.
Yup. Keep up on him.
Maybe he can retire again.........that'll show him!!

And some people thought Aston Kutcher wouldn't amount to anything.
When was the last time you added such a high-level word to the American lexicon?
I didn't think so.

Are you friggin' kidding me??

Read this.

Someone smarter than me want to tell me how the first guy died?
Police were called to the scene on a whim?
JS, if you needed concrete proof your paper and 90% of its "reporters" suck donkey balls, this is it.
Gee, I dunno. What do you think?
Should I "gamble" and add it to the list of homocide shootings on the right?

You mean we're allowed to ask why the cops were called??
I did not know that. Nothing to see here. Move it along, move it along...

27 agosto 2007



H/T She

This makes me ill.
If I tell you I grew up on "Bloom County", it should be easy to see where my sarcasm comes from, doesn't it?

26 agosto 2007

So...is it just me??

Look at this msnbc.com "front page."

Am I the only one that had 2 questions immidiately pop in my head?
If so, why?
Per Paul Harvey, the rest of the story.

I thought the questions were fairly simple ones.

PJ O'Rourke Award Goes To....

Sorry, PJ is the first thing that came to mind.

An inordinate amount of people that inhabit this earth are both myopic and stupid.

25 agosto 2007


Or the thumb police might getcha!

Good thing Arthur Fonzarelli did't have to clear it with this guy, huh?

Come to think of it, the "copyright holder on the signature "thumbs up-thumbs down" judgment " kinda started in MY homeland ~2,000 years ago, didn't it?
And THEY didn't need no stinking "copyright."

24 agosto 2007


No, seriously, who else can wake up one day and say:
"Damn! That's a great idea!
I think I'm gettin' promoted after this."

Hell, after the stealing allegations, and the payroll fiasco, I thought he was done for.
Go George go.

21 agosto 2007

Leftie Experiment

So what do you do if the crap you've tried hasn't worked over the past few years?
Throw more money at it, of course!
Money line:
[ "(money will be spent)...on battling corruption and other sources of crime, but will not increase the 575,000 police officers on the streets...This is the right path, for sure..." ]
Ah, yes.
It's not prevention, its all about doing something after someone is shot.
This is a country that boast Rio and Sao Paulo - 2 of the top ten most populous cities on Earth. But hey, who need more police? What they need is programs...3.3 BILLION dollars worth.

Why am I talking about something in South America? Well, since the M.S.M sees this as a bold, and "heroic" initiative, its a matter of time before it hits our shores with even more force.
Still dont believe me? Another quote:
"“The majority of the problems in Brazil can be solved with more opportunities” for the nation’s youth"........just like the Milwaukee inner city?
God knows that they dont have enough opportunity.

19 agosto 2007

What if...

The headline said...
"Another cokehead friend of Chavez 'hates' US!"
"Cokehead will take US dinero, but hates all other things US!"

or, how 'bout...
"STFU, you has been POS"
Yeah, I like that one...

17 agosto 2007

Ladies & Gents...

I give you: The future of Wisconsin Public Healthcare.

Let me guess....that could never happen here, right?
Kinda like the gubbernmnet would never tell us how to eat, right?

14 agosto 2007

I'm thinking....

I'm going to be sick.

Always the same stupid-ass, ideas.
"I think we can talk to them this time, Rocky! (nuthin' up my sleeve..)"
Proving once again, a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.

13 agosto 2007

Jose Carranza

Someone want to essplane to me why the hell we are allowing "sanctuary" cities to pop up across this former great land of mine?
Isn't this just a form of cessation? How the hell is it NOT?
I get tired of nannies telling me that laws need to be changed because "...if we can only save just ONE child, it will be worth it."
Is that so? Well, when all you bleeding hearts are done feeling good about some BS obscure "statute" you managed to change, why dont you actully do something of importance?
The name in the title is one of the men being indicted for the execution style murder of those kids in Jersey.
Illegal alien. Already charged with rape of a 5-year-old (I guess that child didnt count) and roaming free. Apparent member of MS13.
This doesnt include the drunk driver in Houston & Virginia.
Or the gunman in Delevan.
These stories just went away.
What the HELL is the matter with you people?? You dont see a problem? Some children are worth saving and some are not? "Defend" children when there is money to be had from big business, but not when a life is actually saved?
What a joke.
Oh, and I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

Bleeding hearts never really care unless its their own heart that bleeds.
Hey, Fred, here's a "Guess the number" game for you: 2,190,000.

09 agosto 2007


You know what this means, don't you?
I can't wait to bust out my laminated "victim" card!

Does this mean I'll be allowed to use "honkey" and "cracker" in my songs?

07 agosto 2007


How awesome is THIS???!!!
How do you like them apples:

Mr. Hackbarth Goes To Washington.

Congratulations and all the best to you, sir.

Does this mean that you will also have to do whatever his wife wants?

04 agosto 2007


"Rtard" (as heard on South Park)
Breck Girl.
....or one of the most used terms used to describe him: Hypocrite.
Call him whatever you like, but don't ever call this guy my president.

This guy will do or say anything to get elected. This is a shock?
...oh, and add another reason for MM ;-)

02 agosto 2007


So being the geek I am, I was trolling around some astronomy sites and ran across this.
I mean........seriously?
I guess its something to look "forward" to...right?

Well, if nothing else, it will give rise to Ookla and Princess Ariel.....so we got that going for us.

I KNOW You Were All Waiting For This..

Yeah, the next time "stars" have a feel-good fundraiser to help some cause, I will think of the money wasted on tripe like this and think "Perhaps all of you can kiss my ass" before I give them one red cent.
(Not that I ever did or would, but you get the idea...)

Hollywood represents mainstream America my ass...