27 settembre 2006

Ok, you know what?

Time to nuke these f***rs and get rid of them all!!!
I'm sick of this.
Don't mess with "Wolfie", dammit, he's my fav.
I just heard about a movie that had no swearing, sex or nudity that got a "PG" rating from the MPAA-CCCP simply becuse it had too many references to God.

WTF is going on??!?!?!?

No idea.
Confusion abounds.

24 settembre 2006


Ok all you smarter-than-you-elitists....now what?

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

22 settembre 2006


Two quick points/questions:
1. If the ozone layer is about to reach "near record" size, does that mean that at one point it was smaller?
2. If we are still in a "dire" situation (as AG is prone to say), why aren't we having anymore "ozone action days?"

Hey, maybe what we really need is some do-gooder gazillionaire (and I really liked this guy, too) to donate some more money to act as a plug, rather than to solve stupid problems like cancer, poverty or famine.

20 settembre 2006


Happy Birthday, Mr. Lumbergh.

This guy can be in a million other things (and he pretty much has been), but he'll forever be Lumbergh to me.

Idiot Question of the day (IQOTD):

CNN asks:
Should the White House respond to Venezuelan President
Chavez’s comment calling President Bush "the devil"?

well, let's see...

I say:
Preferably with a 2x4 to the back of his head.

The U.N. is pretty much a puppet regime, anyway, right?
These a-holes hate the U.S. so damn much...GIVE IT TO THEM and let Trump turn it into condo's.
What a joke.

18 settembre 2006

Color Me Sick of This.

So the Pope "stepped in it" this past week. Seems he quoted the words of a long, long dead ruler about the dangers of Muslim "extremists." So how does the "religion of peace" handle it? Well, duh! They burn the Pope in effigy, assassinate a nun and threaten the west as a whole. A cartoonist depicting Mohammed....in any way, shape or form? Demands for retribution and death to the infidels.
Religion of peace, dontcha know.


I am tired of the PC police telling me that I have to be "understanding."
Take the "understanding" and shove it.
All the "extremists" (I prefer to call them "crazies") ever want is the annihilation of the west BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Newsflash, folks, none of "them" give a rats ass about any of you. Only how fast they can kill you to promote their ideas.
I am so sick of the "small minority" hijacking a great religion bs. Muslims, you dont like it? THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, THEN!!! Even speaking out about it would be something at this point.

1. How long does the Pope need to apologize for quoting the warnings of a long-dead dignitary?
2. Does the Pope need to knock on every "offended" person’s door individually?
3. What were to happen if Mohammed were depicted in a jar of urine?

It would seem that the goal of the entire religion is to destroy what they don’t have and is not them. With death and/or assimilation being the only option (see Borg). Its disingenuous to think other wise. There is no rationality. No appeasement. No satisfying other than the destruction of all things not Muslim.
Harsh, I know, but I'm tired of being "understanding." How many more exhamples do we need?
Can you tell?