30 luglio 2007

2nd PJ O'Rourke Award Goes To....

Mayor Tom Barret

[ "A Milwaukee police initiative aimed at reducing violence in the city this summer was credited today by Mayor Tom Barrett as a primary factor in a decrease in homicides and non-fatal shootings so far this year." ]
OK, you know the line....

Read the article, look at the stats on the right. Are you kidding me??
"Non-fatal shootings" is peppered all over that story.
Hey, jerky, maybe the emergency responders are just getting better at treating the same crap over and over!!

28 luglio 2007

It's Alive!!

The Spin lives on.

"The Man" can't keep us (ok, them) down.


Ok, now go make us a hit!

H/T: The Game

How'd you like to have that station manager job?

Be ready....

For all the sequels this summer!
I give you: Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer.....The Musical.
This is a behind-the scenes look......

Even this is better than Spiderman 3.

26 luglio 2007

You go, Joe.

Tell me again why this is a bad idea?
Once again, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is ahead of the curve on another issue.

This guy should be running for prez.
Or at least be appointed to some cabinet post by the next one.

24 luglio 2007


So I just got done watching a show on the History Channel Called Mega Disasters.
Incredibly, they were talking about how there were extreme temperature changes in the 1300's and how scientists fear it may happen again due to sunspot activity and natural undulations of the planet's ocean currents.
From the site:
[ New research has indicated to scientists that the climate is changing rapidly and unpredictably. In different parts of the world, we could be facing drought, floods, storms and extreme cold. ]
How the hell can this be? Were there SUV's in the middle ages? The Mayan empire?? Concensus??? BUELLER???!?!?

It took them (the producers) a full 40 minutes to blame Global Warming if another Ice Age hits (but only in Europe and North America).

Is Life Over Now?

Admit it....you all want to do a version of this:
Get over it.

Never read a page.
Barely watched parts of 2 of the movies.
Life went on.

20 luglio 2007

Friday Feature

How do you get around sensors to show porn on free TV?

You ALL knew what was coming...

18 luglio 2007

Inagural PJ O'Rourke Award

Why PJ O'Rourke? Well, in his book "Parliment of Whores", he gave us this description to an ordinary man or woman who tries to understand some of the crap congress pulls:
"What the fcuk?!?!? What the fcuking fcuk??!??"
This was my reaction whe reading an MSNBC story and came across this little nugget:

[ "A tiny provision tucked into a spending bill for Iraq requires that prescriptions for Medicaid patients be written on “tamper-resistant” pads. But most doctors do not use such pads." ]

The author writes the story as tho the biggest part of the story is all the people that aren't going to be able to get the prescriptions they need.
Hey, skippy, why don't you ask what the hell Medicaid patients are doing in the Iraqi spending bill!!
Unbelievable!!! The rest.


04 luglio 2007

So, then....

This global warming - good, then?

Too funny.
I get a kick out of how scietists are all self-important. Proving sh..tuff one day only to disprove it later - or even this little tidbit. Science of the body is one thing. Science of the universe is still waaaaaaaaaay too far past concensus IMHO.
Unless you know better.