28 novembre 2008

The arrogance of the left.

Like I said, its George Carlin, so the video is posted here, not at RDW.

"Ask those people in Pompeii" - classic Carlin.
Lefties are funny...and not too bright.

09 novembre 2008


Today is my favorite footballer's birthday -- Alessandro Del Piero.

In an era where footballers -- that's soccer to most of you -- transfer teams for millions of Euros each year, and on this side of the pond go into and come out of retirement and switch teams to ease their fragile egos, he has played for my favorite team -- the Bianconeri -- since 1993 and over ~565 games and counting (official site).
Oh, and he's a free kick legend.

Some of his highlites below...

(warning: Techno music)

Some idiots out there thought ADP was too old to play at Euro2008, so the Azzuri got killed.
This is from a game against Rome on Nov. 1, 2008 - 8 days ago.
(warning: Polish. Hey, its all I could find, can't transfer from DVR just yet)

Too old my ass.
Bend *this* Beckam.

Just in case any of you anti-soccer types out there think this is just highlite stuff, think again.
Over the years (as evidenced by the hairstyle changes) I've watched this guy do this stuff and more every game.
A total playmaker, game changer and a genuine nice guy.
Deal with it.