31 dicembre 2007

Another year that was....

Nostredamus would be ashamed. Chicken little would be proud.
Tell me, is it time for these things to come true yet or not?
Is Mad Cow about to overtake our cattle yet?
Has Chronic Wasting Desease really destroyed a huge percent of the deer population in Wisconsin?
Wow, we made it through another Turkey day without having to worry about the Avian Bird Flu.
Also, I guess sharks are no longer patrolling our shores for snacks like they were on slow news days.
Although...people tell me I still need to worry about all those killer hurricanes that have been cropping up all over the place.

The other questions I have involve more detailed explainations....
So..........is anyone else wondering how the hell that psycho up nort der shot himself in the head 3 times. 3 times!
Where is Elian?
Is Castro really Rasputin reincarnate?

So the only thing we kinda know is that we can now swim in the oceans without having to worry about sharks.
Just other things.

Happy New Year, everyone.

27 dicembre 2007

New Math

Female leader + Democratic leader =

Just curious where the feminists and all the world leaders that scream out that the US is the brutal one are on this.
Seems to me we wont hear anything from the "moderates" either.

26 dicembre 2007

Talk about coglioni!

I kinda thought this was a joke at first.
Of course it wasn't.

In a similar development, the pesky Romans have decided to copyright the Coliseum and thus putting all open-air stadiums on notice for royalties due.
Furthermore, in true mafioso style, all royalties are retroactive to building's opening.

24 dicembre 2007

Huh. You dont say!

Who couldn't figure this out?

Is it just me that said "No shit, Sherlock" when I first read this or are there others of you out there?


This sums it up.
Normally, I would say "what's good for the goose" but...what newspaper doesn't slant left?
If it exists, then maybe they should say something like...
"vote anti-democrat, they are mostly defeatists and nannies anyway."
What a self-important, elitist joke.

Gotta love the left, tho.
So basically, the party of tolerance and inclusion wants you to dislike someone for who they are, not necessarily like anyone for who they are.

14 dicembre 2007


Why talk?
About what? Its been made clear that compromise=betrayal.

OK, maybe I was being a bit harsh.
We should talk about something we ALL care about....like "global warming."
I'm sure Zawahiri spends many nites tossing and turning worrying about that, too.

13 dicembre 2007


This can't be right!?

I think its the thousands of Yugo's and Trabants on the road in Europe.

After a long week....

Of seriously heavy news...laugh a little.

I like smiling. Smiling's my favorite.

I do.

I doubt those words really meant anything 5 minutes after the ceremony.

I wonder if Dane Cook thought about this one?

11 dicembre 2007

Just one more...

What a way to go, huh?

Vegan my ass...Bring on the ribeye!!!

Ok, I get it.

There's an "A", "I" and an "R" in Algeria, and it kinda sounds like "America" so lets bomb the hell out of them.
Thats it, right?

Maybe it was because there's an "E" in Mohammed, too.
Yeah, talking with mongrels always works.......do we know what the hell it is that they want, exactly?
Oh, that's right: death to infidels.

07 dicembre 2007

Just Curious

Do you think that "A date that will live in infamy" was only until we lived in a soundbite world like today?
Even on news channels I have yet to hear about it.

History doesn't repeat itself, stupid people repeat history.
Owen has it.

04 dicembre 2007


Owen has info about Triticale.

We extend our prayers to Triticale and his family.
Anybody out there want to complain about their cold now?