29 dicembre 2008

G'head: Make up a better story.

This has to be the dumbest thing...ever.
In the history of ever.
But the staggeringly stupid part comes with this line:

[ "We need a bailout for kids at risk" ]

What's the bailout going to be?
Common f**^ing sense??"
"Don't pull the f*&^ing trigger as a solution to your problem??"
"Don't be in a gang??"

Truly, I missed out on several opportunities in real life.
I could have gotten government/private grants for studies that everyone can guess the answer to (I'd consult Captn. Obvious, of course.)
We as Americans only need a bailout from stupid people.

25 dicembre 2008

Clark Griswold is better than you.

You just know this is what he really wanted:

Merry Christmas, everybody.

06 dicembre 2008


Ever wonder what a movie about Star Trek v. Star Wars could look like?
...whatever....don't lie.
Here is part 1:

The internet: the vestige of the lonely, techies and idle hands.
God bless them.