02 novembre 2005


Well, this is one of the reasons I didn’t want to start a blog: my time management. I didn’t want to let Mr. RDW down with my lack of postings – it’s a fairly high bar he’s set.
In fairness, I have been out of town for 3 of the last 7 days (to Detroit of all places for pleasure, even!) and started a new position for work that begins an hour earlier than my usual.
Still…my experience at The Joe, an Italian-American (God I hate that term) nominated to SCOTUS, the JT publishing racist crap, a simple "date" movie blatantly going Leftie/Lib with no warning or reason last nite, and a member of the Senate calling my ethnicity basically not minority enough? I GOTTA COMMENT ON THESE, DON’T I??!?

Even if no one cares…..not to mention I want to talk a little about the hypocrite lefties out there in their SUVs and/or lust for a gas guzzlers.

Reality: Just like high school, for Pete’s sake (and who the hell is Pete, anyway...), it takes me forever to incubate anything I put in writing.

(not minority enough? To quote PJ O'Rourke: WTF? WTF-ing F?!??!...oh, methinks this will fit in nicely with my citizenship experience.Not minority enough, indeed.)