13 aprile 2007

Think you got game?

WHAT: Texas Hold 'em Fundraiser to benefit the local chapter of C.A.S.A.
WHERE: Kenosha, WI Brat Stop on Hwy 50 and I-94
WHEN: Register before 12 noon. Play begins promptly at noon.
DETAILS: One time $75 donation. 70% of the contributions will be paid back to the player prize pool. This means the for a 200-player turnout, the first place payout will reach over $3,000!!
Before you scoff, there were 197 players at the last Brat Stop Hold 'em benefit.

See the Caardvark website for more details.
There will also be ongoing raffles, food and entertainment!

Show up for a good time, good cause.....and hey, if you end up making money, everyone wins!

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