31 agosto 2006


You can be insanely good at you sport and not crave the spotlight.
Tiger, T.O., NBAers....you listening?

Anyone that thinks tennis is a wimpy sport should take a trip to their local HS and see how fast the ball is coming at you.
Now triple it and you'll have some idea.

I had it all wrong.

Would one of you lefties please tell me why we should even let this country into the world community? I know the "Honorable" Koffi Annan was just there making things right with them (that's UN code for severe ass-kissing appeasement).

We should let all criminals out of jail, right? Just because they decided to not follow societal norms, mores and laws shouldn't be any reason to "sanction" them...right?
They have the right to sell the enriched uranium to anyone they damn well please! (hey, who's that tall dude in line?)
So...who wants the local "alleged" murder that's now in jail moving next door?

24 agosto 2006

Well this is weird...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but THESE guys are supposed to represent the tolerant, open party...right?

I would gloat but, a) we all saw this type of "tolerance" coming and b) its just plain sad.


Seriously, who didn't know this?

Sense & Sensibility

All the true blue lefties out there in the good ol' US of A are clamoring for an exit strategy from Iraq. The war is unjust, they say.
My question to them is simple:

What is the exit strategy for the Islamo-fascists?
They attacked our land on 9/11, they attacked the embassies, the Cole...and so on...
So please, tell me the negotiations that need to take place for them to stop attacking.

Theirs is the ultimate exit strategy, make no mistake.
First convert. Then you die in the name of Allah.
Or just die.
You want to be fair, understanding, civil, negotiate?
Sure. You die too.


When I first read this, I thought it was a joke. The “morning after” pill is really called “PlanB?!?”

Holy screwy spin, Batman!
Unwanted pregnancies due to a careless Friday/Saturday night inebriated romps can now be classified as “Oopsie! Don’t know how that happened?! Time for plan “B!”

OR: can a man force a woman to take the pill after consensual sex - "just to be sure"?

I can’t believe I just wrote that. We now have a choice to bypass a doctor all together. I guess everyone wins.
Aptly named.

22 agosto 2006

And we are bothering...why....?

First he confesses to a murder just shy of infamy of the Lindbergh kidnapping.
Then he wants to go face his punishment.
Now he doesn't.
He's scaaaaaared.


This ass clown is a scumbag anyway you slice it. He couldn't wait to get out of a Thai prison and now he's fighting extradition to Colorado? Whether he did it or not, I don't really want this guy ever to breed…further. How much time, money and resources has he wasted? While I’m at it, I don’t really like this guy using my oxygen.
Oh, yeah, whether you think her parents did it or not, she did have a family – that is now going through this crap again. Send him back to Thailand and at least they can salvage the emotions being wasted on this guy.

21 agosto 2006

Everybody Wins!

Good news if your girlfriend might have a bad knee and is starting college, huh?

Fasten your seatbelts....

Nothing says "Intentionally walk this guy!" Like...

Good God!!!

My gambling instincts tell me he'll have a college "scholarship" ready for him...when he's freakin' old enough! !

19 agosto 2006

When in doubt...

Blame whitey.

This guy is a freaking moron. As long as there's someone to blame, why look in the mirror, right? What a joke.

16 agosto 2006

Tripping the Rift.

Or pegging the "geek meter", either way - this is where I do it.

Holy cow, I've been a geek long enough to think this is a dumb-ass idea. Even the guy that discovered one of the planets thinks is convoluted. Look, I'm all for adding newly discovered planets to our lexicon, but Ceres? Isn't that Latin for "biggest rock among other rocks?"

15 agosto 2006

Mom!!! George is looking at me!

Is this really the direction we are heading?
Is this the "appearance" of impropriety that the Clintons were talking about?
We now have to worry about what somebody might interpret , if extrapolated far enough, could be considered – somehow, someway – offensive.

I can’t even comment. All I know is that these people couldn’t possibly get through grade school let alone a political race. Get over yourselves, morons.

11 agosto 2006

Lose the belt, grandma.

Please tell me again -
Why is profiling Arab males between the ages of 18-35 is wrong?

If the PC crowd doesn't get over themselves, all we'll ever do is tread water rather than move forward.

10 agosto 2006

So...is it the Gov., Mayor or Pres.?

This is the headline.
Notice how it says the death toll was at 2....and they have the "rainy season."
Maybe their FEMA is better?
Please explain to me how "2 dead" is huge but in N.O., they cant evacuate, but can sure blame the folks "in charge" afterwards. (Newsflash, kiddos - Mother Nature is, was and always will be in charge.)
The population of Greater New Orleans stood at 1,337,726 in 2000.

Reality: As usual, I'll say what everyone is thinking. Either these people were too stupid to get somewhere else when they knew a storm was coming or.....(ya think the people in the photo are runnin' to a bus?)

08 agosto 2006

Yes, friends were right...

I'm a major-league geek.

I think this is just sooooooooo cool.

Reality: We all have our crosses to bear...


So over the last week or so, all we’ve heard about on the news was how stiflingly hot it's been across the nation. Just another sign of the “global warming”, right?
Now I remember in my youth when it was soooooo incredibly hot, we knew that we had to “save the earth” and there for took steps to “do our part.”
With that in mind, I have a question:

What ever happened to "Ozone Action Day?"

Is the ozone layer not important anymore? Have we managed to “fix” the ozone layer? Is the ozone layer no longer the darling of the media? Can anyone remember the last time we had one?

Reality: I want someone to show me how some donkey not mowing his grass in Nebraska can do more to fix the ozone than the countless factories in developing nations. Anyone?

04 agosto 2006

Random thought of the day.

"Real men shed blood before they shed tears."

I'm an idiot. I forgot to write down who said it (it was recent, I think).
Could someone help out?

Slight change of plans...

So I've been thinking about the catastrophic predictions made by some (most) experts about how this hurricane season was going to be so far beyond normal, that it would change the minds of even the most hardened skeptics.

Yeah. Ok. ... yeah.

Apparently, the experts have revised their predictions.
I don’t believe them.
How can I?? These are experts who are "in the know" and certainly smarter than anyone reading this (or writing this for that matter). No, I think their prediction extrapolated from one whole year of devastating hurricanes and the absolute chaos that they promise me is caused by global warming (extrapolated from roughly 1/10,000,0000th of the world’s history - so you know it has to be accurate).
Huh? What did you say? The season's not yet over? Global warming is for real even if this season isn’t as bad as predicted??


With "expert" predictions going from global cooling to global warming in just about 35 years, how many of these "blips" in expert predictions do we endure before they are debunked? An old HS history teacher of mine once said (paraphrasing, of course): All the "save the earth" people cannot be trying to save the earth. It will be here for the next 5 billion years or so - with or without humans. If we have an all out nuclear war tomorrow and kill all the humans, the world will go on. We should be trying to use what we have to our advantage to move forward, not try to "conserve" the earth. It'll still be here, with or without our help.
By the way, is it just my gnat-like brain that sees a downward trend in this graph over the last 15+ years?

01 agosto 2006

Breaking News!!!

I must be honest and tell everyone out there that when I read this headline, I was speechless - anyone that knows me, that is not an easy thing to do.

Reality: The speechless part comes in when what our "news reporters" think qualifies as news these days. What a joke.
If anything, the news is that the "reporters" metaphorically fiddle while Rome burns then wonder how the "newsmakers" could be so sly as to sneak something past them.