21 febbraio 2010

Take care of it yourself!!

Totally swiped from Big Geek.

Sometimes, he's just got a thing.
(BTW, that is futbal he's watching Fred)

19 febbraio 2010

You really want science?

I am so tired of the Goreistas telling me that the Sun (that large H-bomb hovering in our sky) plays only an insignificant part in our climate change.
After all, it has nothing we can tax or regulate, so it has to be insignificant!

That ball of fire produces more energy in one second than ALL OF HUMANITY SINCE ITS EXISTENCE. Whether your are a creationist or an evolutionist.
~98,000,000 miles away and it still can kill you.
But hardly any affect to our climate. Sure.

14 febbraio 2010


Well apparently shut down due to inactivity is real.

Maybe its time to rethink the "I'll get to it when I get to it" approach.