01 aprile 2007

What? WHAT?!


Now we are working on changing history so as not to offend anyone.....?
Congratulations, PC crowd!
You are well on your way to raise an entire generation of spineless, clueless morons.

Good God.
What the hell is the matter with these people???
After looking back on my own schooling, I wish someone would never have told me about communists,unions and socialists growing up. Scared the crap out of me.

I also could have done without knowing how Il Duce killed his own people, too. Made school very difficult for me. But then again, as I learned in my history classes...time since the birth of Christ has only been measured by the peace between wars.

Come to think of it, it was like that before his birth, too.

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RoseIndigo ha detto...

Hmmmm, great way for children to get a distorted view of history, I would say---but leave it to the spineless Brits!

As for me, I learned all about Hitler and the Holocaust in school, and believe me, being the only German kid in history class was NOT comfortable when we went into those subjects. In fact, it was traumatic----but IT WAS NECESSARY!!!!

I have a Japanese friend who was born in a relocation camp in the U.S. and she recalls that you could have heard a pin drop when everyone in the class looked at her the day they discussed the attack on Pearl Harbor. Traumatic for her? Yes, but SHE GOT OVER IT!

What a bunch of spineless wimps when teachers refuse to teach the TRUTHS of history. And so are the parents who allow this to go on.