20 novembre 2007

Um, yeah...

So. She decided to drop out of the competition because she wanted to head-off emberrasing pictures before they got released.

Please read her explaination:

So you say that a man biting your breast in the middle of what appears to be a crowded bar while someone takes a picture is "meant to be private?"
Maybe she can can come over and I can show her the meaning of the word private some time, ya?

2 commenti:

elliot ha detto...

AND she posted it on Facebook.

I swear I don't remember being this stupid when I was young.

Silent E ha detto...

Sooooo she's at a bar and her boyfriend bites her boob while she poses for the camera that someone else other than her or her boyfriend is holding...... In a bar.....Filled with an ass load of people.....

Permission to call her a "DOUCEBAG" sir?