15 novembre 2007


Well, last nite at Papa’s Social Club was quite a fun time.
Although there were on 7 people that showed up, we managed to raise a proportionately substantial amount for the Wisconsin Chapter of the MS Society.
This was achieved 2 ways:
- The two finalists, Nick and Asian Badger, generously decided to simply get their entry fees back and donate any winnings to the back to the charity.
- Ken Deavers – an accountant/tax guy (my term) who plays cards for funsies on Monday nites with me. Ken was kind enough not only to pre-pay his share, but he also paid my share so we could have 7 people play. This all worked out rather nicely, as he and I were planning on donating any winnings back anyway. (I wanted to link to Ken, if anyone would have any bookkeeping needs, but his office is in his home, so I don’t know if he would appreciate it. So if anyone would like his information, please contact me.)

Dickie – aside from being a great host, providing the location and supplying the great pizza – brought along his obvious gambler friend and joined in the game.
…..so did Stevegg. We hope this “setback” doesn’t preclude him from playing in the next one in January (stay tuned).

Big thanks to one and all!

Stevegg…..at least you can count to 4, which is clearly better than I can do.
Four aces……..how the hell do I miss seeing I have that?!?!?
Oh, that’s right……I ain’t too bright. D’OH!!

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