27 novembre 2007

Oh, to be Frensh.

Not so much, thanks.

- Its seems the great gun laws in Fransh have led to rioters shooting at police.
- To really make their point these haute rioters burned down an elementary school and a library....to...uh....show...uh...er....intellectual superiority.
- Why did this start? Oh yeah, a couple of un-helmeted kids ran into a police car with their scooter and died. Someone has to be blamed.
Damn that cop car for being there!!!
Time to ban the Police car. They kill.

Oh, yeah, as of ~9 this morning, MSNBC sees fit to only obliquely report it as their 7th international story...following the future failings of the peace talks on top (by the way, if we can't win by talking, what should we be doing, MSM? But thats a post for a different day...)

You know, for all of you that think we should "strive" to resolve issues like the Frensh, keep in mind that for a long time, the Frensh were seen as - to use my HS history teachers' description - the armpit of the world.
Some still see it.

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Phel ha detto...

This is an immigration issue.

still Unreal... ha detto...

"local" reporters gave that account of the scooters.
I guess i'm just wondering how this "issue" is being helped along by these riots....again.
they have no repercussions other than setting schools and libraries on fire and shooting at police?
just askin.