21 marzo 2007

The Reeeeally Big Show

Now appearing live(!) for one day only, in front of your congress... Algore, Inc. dba Global Warming!
He warns and warns us to be aware of our environment, blah, blah, blah....so why doesn't he want to take the oath like he wants all of us to?
What an algore. The senator just nails him.

"First, you have claimed that there is a “strong, new emerging consensus” linking global warming to an increase in hurricane intensity and duration. Yet last year, the World Meteorological Organization very clearly rejected this assertion, and other scientists agree.
Secondly, you said that East Antarctica might melt and this could raise sea levels by 20 feet, so we’re all going to die. However, according to many scientists, Antarctica is gaining ice mass, not losing it. In a 2005 study published in Science a team of researchers led by Dr. Curt Davis found an overall gain in ice mass in Antarctica over a ten year period.
And the public is catching on. Even the New York Times last week published an article about scientists, many of them your supporters, who say you have overstated your case on global warming — in fact, they warn that you may be hurting the so-called cause with your "alarmism."
Given that, it is no wonder you have turned down the chance to debate the President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus. And now I understand a debate challenge has been issued by Lord Monckton of Benchley.
Now there is a reason for this.
When the debate is balanced, skeptics win, alarmists lose. In New York last week, for instance, a major debate took place to examine whether global warming is a crisis. Prior to the debate, the hand-wringers, the alarmists, in the audience outnumbered those who didn’t think it was a crisis 2 to 1. After the debate, the alarmists were outnumbered – a major turnaround in beliefs in a single night

The rest.

I mean read the damn oath! What kind of tool preaching the global warming religion - and making a movie telling you how to live - refuses to take the oath on a national stage, with everyone watching his lead?
Anyone? Bueller?
The hypocritical algore kind, that's who.

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