16 marzo 2007

Hidden costs noone likes to talk about.

You know, my family and friends have been telling me for quite a while that I should apply for disability benefits through the SS. My answer was always, "No way. I'd be a hippocrite if I did that. That is NOT what SS is there for!"
Well, after 7+ years of fighting the MS, I finally had enough of fighting it and I applied and was immidiately granted the benefits.
When I went to the local office, I was a tad bit miffed that all the benefit information was extensively written in Spanish as well as English. I sighed heavily and wondered how much money was wasted nationally in all the offices across the country with all the copies of each. Needles to say, this was just a bit depressing to me.
Then toaday, I was on the government SS website when I came across this little bit of info.
What can I say, but...wow.
Not just Spanish, but an abundance of other languages - in case you find English just too damn difficult or inconvenient to learn. What a joke.
Your tax dollars hard(ly) at work.
Even if its not tax dollars, how much does it cost private business to be "pc" where there are explanations of everything in 1-8 languages? No cost? Really? Who do you think pays for it?

Its easier to spend money than get people to learn the language of the land, I guess.
Makes me sick...er.

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