19 marzo 2007

Now what?

So ...think this will ever become a consensus or be dismissed as "junk science?"

This is just hilarious.
How long does this go on before the consensus BS is finally laid to rest for good so a real debate can be had and scientists aren't getting a scarlet letter for disagreeing that Algore?

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RoseIndigo ha detto...

Loved the story of the kind and the cheese. There is a valuable lesson in that which seems to be lost to the left, since "science", junk or real, has become their religion.

As for the scientists who came up with those bizarre ideas mentioned, no harm in playing around with ideas---but I sure hope they never get the funding for any of them. More tax money wasted. But then, the more you scare people and predict doomsday, the more they might not notice how their money is being spent, eh?