13 marzo 2007

Eyes Wide Shut

Well, I guess the media, et.al. have taken a break from the collective fellatio they have bestowed Al Gore. Even the most conservative of publications has had enough.
Go figure: the unquestionable consensus is starting to be nothing but a house of cards built on "feel-good" policies and exaggerated predictions that do nothing but take our eyes off the real issue. Great job, Al.
You suck.

Gore has done nothing but waste everyone's time. The issue - for America - is to find alternative energy sources. Not on what the Kyoto accords or what the world thinks we need to do based on a "global" consensus. The world will move towards conservation and a greater awareness of our environment - regardless. With or without Al's help. Gore, as a complete hypocrite, wants us to decrease our "carbon footprint." He claims he does that by buying offsets...from a company he helped found. These "offsets" of his are nothing but investments into a company that pushes the green, fear-mongering machine that he helped create. The more fear he can put into you folks, the more money he makes.
What a joke.
Keep pushing, extreme left. Even the "regular" left has just about had it with you. When the pendulum swings back and people realize that it was founded mostly on fear-mongering rather than science and pragmatic solutions, you'll drown in your red tide.

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