03 gennaio 2007


So today I decided to check to see if anyone actually visits my meager little blog and lo and behold, look who it is!

See folks, six months ago I was fired from the company I worked for in Greenfield.
Seems I had an issue with some of the waste and redundancies I was seeing, so I spoke out – those of you that know me or have worked with me (Fred) won’t be shocked by this.
Along with this severe ineptitude there was a Queen “B” who ruled the roost. No one knew exactly how she had come to rule, they all just accepted it as a fact of life. I spent many, many a conversations listening to the vile, hateful and – for the most part – true statements made about her. Everyone was afraid to stand up to her way of doing things. Well, as you’ve guessed, I was not. Repercussions be damned.
So deep ran their level of ineptitude, that their first attempt to fire me failed miserably.
They had pinned their hopes on the fact I was dating the receptionist at the time (I’ll spare you the hypocrisy of this; I’ll just say that there are no less than a half dozen married couples who met “at the office” currently there).
Reluctantly, they decided to “give me another chance.” After about a month or so of hell, they used the excuse that the customer wanted me off a project – mostly because I couldn’t get the sub-contractors in line.
Crazy, though…I had predicted a fall guy when the project started. There was one person responsible for hiring ALL the contractors and setting up the pricing/contracts spent months ignoring issues I presented to him. And what of the Queen? Oh, she was busy making money for her shady contractor – which she did very well.

Anywho, to make an even longer story slightly shorter, the division I was in was renamed “The Project Management Group.” Actually we were nothing more than glorified pencil-pushing babysitters. We couldn’t stray, manage or control, and we sure as hell weren’t a “group.”

I guess things have slowed down for them these days (big surprise) because they seem to have time to look into my meaningless pontifications.

Whoever this was, quit being a coward and expose yourself.
By the time you read this, I’ll know you’ve been here again.