21 gennaio 2007

Excuse me?

Does anyone remember this story?
'Cause I don't.
I love how Cora the physisit saves face by blaming the damn humans - despite what she sees - by saying:
"No one predicted the dramatic loss of ozone in the upper stratosphere of the Northern Hemisphere in the spring of 2004. That we can still be surprised illustrates the difficulties in separating atmospheric effects due to natural and human-induced causes."
So this is considered "science" these days?
Good grief.

Maybe you didn't hear about it because there is no feel-good legislation that can be passed to prevent solar flares?
Maybe 'cause Al didn't cover it in his movie?
Maybe there are no taxes to be collected from it?
In the end, I think maybe people just don't like to hear that - in reality - they don't have much say about what happens in the cosmos.
This isn't a case of an ant trying to move a mountain, its a case of an ant trying to move the moon.

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