19 gennaio 2007

Blame Canada?

Ocean levels rising? Blame global warming.
Drought conditions? Blame global warming.
Crazy freezing climate? Blame global warming.

But in the end, blame Bush, of course.
All the do-gooders in the EU will feel like they are making a difference and taking a stand, dammit!

Just curious how all the "tree huggers" address the fact that there have only been machines on this Earth for about 150 years, and yet the glaciers melted, anyway? I guess it must have been the beavers or something.
And how are they going to react in, say, 20 years when the status still exists - contrary to that great climatologist Al Gore says.
And what are they going to say when the sun's "sunspot cycle" peaks, and it gets chilly again? Or a gigantic solar flare(s) hits the Earth? Oops....my fault, do-gooders cant control that through feel-good legislation. Oh, sorry, the Sun cant be politicized.
Its kind of like Tommy Lee Jones' line to Wesley Snipes in "The Fugitive": "I dont caaaaaare."
The Sun doesnt care. Sorry.
It will burn. It will die, eventually. It will affect Earth regardless of legislation in 1 country or 25.
Not the biggest, fastest growing country, mind you.
Just ours.

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