25 giugno 2006

Well-rounded info.

Why do we watch?
Truth be told, I don't even watch soccer until the World Cup.
Is that because I don’t like it?
Absolutely not.
If the Italian “Serie A” were to be televised in this country, I would definitely be watching. The same would be true if the Spanish or German premier leagues were televised. While it’s true that British Premiere League is televised (at a premium on Directv…God bless America…), it’s not readily accessible. Translation: it ain’t free.

This happened in the overtime yesterday of the Argentina vs. Mexico match.
I don’t understand it's the only “video” I could find, but here is the description. Keep in mind, the ball never touched the ground from pass to back of the goal:
“As a deep cross from Juan Pablo Sorin drifted from left to right, Rodriguez waited, caught the ball on his chest and, half-turning inside, sent a glorious left-footed volley away from the diving Oswaldo Sanchez into the far corner to earn a meeting with Germany in the Berlin quarter-final on Friday.”

As far as soccer being a glorified kickball, yeah, it is. I remember doing this all the time. Pfft..
Furthermore, as much as I'm sick of hearing about Brazil and their single-name players like "Ronaldinho", I gotta admit: this guy's very,very good.
How is he different than Jordan? Oh, yeah, he doesn't use his hands.

Don't get me wrong. They have bloopers, too. And...uh...er..."fans"

Reality: Sometimes people just don’t understand/want to understand what they don’t know. True when people meet someone different from themselves. True when people are exposed to different sports. True whenever they are exposed to anything out of their “norm.”

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