09 giugno 2006


The system that complains that we don’t have money for schools (RUSD et. al.) first inundates the Racine voters with apparently limitless – and costless? – mailings asking for a “yes” vote on yet another referendum for more money now brings us basically a waste of paper, ink and resources for the city to pass – what is it, again? A resolution? WTF... – to “bring the troops home”, starting with the National Guard.
Grunts and Jarheads be damned – they can wait.
Who gets to decide that, again?

I have long said, to plenty of head-shaking, that we can solve just about any problem we have if we just set some type of priorities – even if just for a limited time.

- Could breast cancer research use an extra $200,000?
Well, sure, but we need another couple episodes of “The Amazing Race.”
-Could MS research use an extra million in research funds?
Of course, but how will we live without seeing yet another “Star Trek” spin-off?
- Could the fight against world hunger use the extra $20 Million?
You betcha! But then we couldn’t pay Cameron Diaz – who insists she isn’t “greedy” – her appearance fee? A movie just isn’t a movie without Ms. Diaz, right?

I hope this is making my point.
We, as Americans, live in a fantastic society where we will donate to worthy causes, sometimes at the expense of our own advancement.
We also seem throw money away on pastimes and moronic endeavors (Police Academy 4..?!!?) rather than putting it to good use.

What were to happen if Hollywood donated these funds for HIV research and providing financial help to those that needed the current meds? They talk a big game, but, have you watched any of the Oscars? Sure, they claim that its all done for free and any proceeds go to charity. Really? What about the “gift bags” worth upwards of 5K that the nominees receive? (to my knowledge, George Clooney was the only one who donated his last year. I’m sure there were more, but how many homeless need a crystal vase?).

Reality: We all talk a big game. The solutions to our problems are usually in front of us, we just make choices without regard to real priorities.

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