16 maggio 2008

You v. Bill of Rights

This is the kind of topic that would normally wouldn't mind putting up on RDW. Being that this particular time I am so ticked off, I doubt I would be able to control my language.

This is the story of 4 people in KKKalifornia (think about it - it's really the same mentality) that are better think - KNOW - that they are wiser, more compassionate and certainly more powerful than your vote or how you may feel: the KKKalifornia Supreme Co..er..ourt.

Any of you libtards out there wanna tell me when its ok that the thoughts and activism of 4 people supercedes the feelings of MILLIONS in the state:
"government of the people, by the people, and for the people."
Yup Abe is spinning in his grave right now at the new mantra:
"Government of the people, unless we disagree, then we'll impose our will in the courts. Voting...pfft!"

I think Big Brother would be proud.
Maybe Castro.
Certainly all those dictators who claim to be "like uncles" or some such nonsense to their people (yeah, I'm looking right at you, Jong).
Does anyone remember when there was a fuhquing constitutionl amendment against gambling and pro gun rights in Wisconsin?

The complete hypocrasy starts about a minute into this BS when D-bag starts talking how its about people (by the way....does this have anything to do with "2 Americas?" You know- what you want vs. what we say you should have).

Soon they will tell you what food you are allowed to eat, too. Oh, wait....
What a complete set of jucking fackasses.

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