22 maggio 2008

Let me get this straight...

McCain goes on Ellen -- a well-documented liberal, gay activist who's every question seemed snarky and a challange -- and talks openly about gay marriage, but The Chosen One can't go on O'Reilly -- a guy that that neither the left or the right can seem to figure out where he stands -- because he doesn't think he will be treat fair?

What a dingleberry.

Where are the stones?
Even the Hillary "subjected" herself to his interview. And didn't seem to mind it all that much.
All this guy seems to be able to do is piss, moan and whine about the questions being to "tough."
What magical words will he use to ensure a "fair" conversation with Jong-il or Ahmadinijad?

Good God, man...answer a damn question instead of BS prose answers that have no substance!
Have any of you seen his website?
It's a friggin' joke.
He basically promises everything....all the time....with - what we in the poker community call - an "out." Meaning, if taxes get too high or America falters. he can just say...."well, it must be because of the previous administration. I want to give you everything."

Obama, you are a p***y.
Don't ever presume to represent me.

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