26 maggio 2008

This kind of willpower during WWII would have doomed us all

This story is borderline ridiculous.

Back when I was a "re-imaging" PM working for our customer, I was in charge of the NYC area. I was stunned to find out that one of the McDonalds that we needed to re-image was on the USS Intrepid.
At first, I thought it was a joke or it was something in the vicinity.
"No, no", the MCD rep said, "it's the one on in the Intrepid." (talk about a logistical nightmare)

So reading this story, it just strikes me as incredibly funny that MCD - and the city - can't pony up some cash -- after all, there is a renovated, money making McDonald's on board.

Get it done.
Get it done or forget ever giving any money to some lame-ass "museum."
You wouldn't have had any performing arts anything if THIS floating museum wasn't around.

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