21 settembre 2007

Who am I?

Two looks this week:

The blonde is Sabrina. While she isn't the subject of this "Who am I?", its always nice to see her.
(No, I didnt watch Sabrina...more than 3 times, I swear. I was just surfing. Yeah. Surfing.)
Anywho, guess away:

*UPDATE: Wendy once again gets it with Soleil Moon Frye.
e chimed in first, but stumbled with the obligatory "Bea Arthur" guess.

I guarantee the next one wont be as easy.
Be prepared. You've been warned.

A little "horse of face"*, but overall grew up quite nice.
..........and I WAS surfing!

*Horse of face is not a hint...just an opinion.

2 commenti:

Silent E ha detto...

Well it's not Bea Arthur...... How about Blossom (Mayim Bialik)

Wendy ha detto...

Soleil Moon Frye? AKA Punky Brewster?