14 settembre 2007

Who am I?

HINT: I admit...she did come out of the blue.

UPDATE: Congrats to Wendy! It's Debbie Gibson.
I gotta admit...when I first saw that pic, I was thinking it was that girl from "The Fall Guy"
Yeah, I used to watch it...what?


This one floored me.
She's older than I am.

6 commenti:

Silent E ha detto...

Bea Arthur??

still Unreal... ha detto...

e, i just want to thank you for allowing me to spraywash my screen at work after reading your comment. it was a great answer.
explaining my technique to coworkers was difficult however.

now that i am more relaxed at home, i can say "no" less hysterically.

She's not THAT much older than i am...only a year.

Silent E ha detto...

Right back at ya SU. Your comments of at RDW have been killing me....

I give up... Who's the babe? It's not a blonde Fran Drescher, is it?

Silent E ha detto...

Uncle!! Uncle!! I give up. Who is it?

Wendy ha detto...

Debbie Gibson?

Silent E ha detto...

Nice job Wendy. Geez SU, you can't be that old..... How old is DG?