04 settembre 2007

Miss a little...

Miss a lot.
So I was AFK (I was told it means "Away From Keyboard) for 98% of the time this past weekend. Too bad.
Shortly after I posted this story, I received a rather terse email from the author's husband.
Not the author, herself, mind you.
Her husband.
(You can paruse it here. I've removed addresses. Maybe a bad call on my part, but...)

Let's put the obvious question aside for now and lets focus a bit on the story itself.
If I were to say to you "Police were called to the corner of my block where they found a dead body in the upstairs apartment", what would you ask first?
Is it me, or is "why were they called in the first place" be one of the first questions you think of?
Did they have an ESP moment? Did someone just happen to point to the apartment when the cops just happen to be outside? Did someone hear gunshots coming from the apartment?
I mean, isnt that basic reporting?
Who? What? Where? When? WHY?
I learned this when I was on the paper's "staff" in 4TH GRADE.

This post was not an "attack" on your wife, sir. To be perfectly honest, I had no idea who wrote it until I received your "knight in shining armor" email defense.
YOU made it about your wife specifically. For all I know, they could have different authors every day.

Of the dozen or so people I've shown your email to, the OVERWHELMING question has been: Why the hell did her husband email you and not her?
So feel free to ignore "my me" (whatever the hell that means..).
In other words, Mr. Spice, I WILL NOT be apologizing or printing a retraction.

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