13 agosto 2007

Jose Carranza

Someone want to essplane to me why the hell we are allowing "sanctuary" cities to pop up across this former great land of mine?
Isn't this just a form of cessation? How the hell is it NOT?
I get tired of nannies telling me that laws need to be changed because "...if we can only save just ONE child, it will be worth it."
Is that so? Well, when all you bleeding hearts are done feeling good about some BS obscure "statute" you managed to change, why dont you actully do something of importance?
The name in the title is one of the men being indicted for the execution style murder of those kids in Jersey.
Illegal alien. Already charged with rape of a 5-year-old (I guess that child didnt count) and roaming free. Apparent member of MS13.
This doesnt include the drunk driver in Houston & Virginia.
Or the gunman in Delevan.
These stories just went away.
What the HELL is the matter with you people?? You dont see a problem? Some children are worth saving and some are not? "Defend" children when there is money to be had from big business, but not when a life is actually saved?
What a joke.
Oh, and I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

Bleeding hearts never really care unless its their own heart that bleeds.
Hey, Fred, here's a "Guess the number" game for you: 2,190,000.

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