21 agosto 2007

Leftie Experiment

So what do you do if the crap you've tried hasn't worked over the past few years?
Throw more money at it, of course!
Money line:
[ "(money will be spent)...on battling corruption and other sources of crime, but will not increase the 575,000 police officers on the streets...This is the right path, for sure..." ]
Ah, yes.
It's not prevention, its all about doing something after someone is shot.
This is a country that boast Rio and Sao Paulo - 2 of the top ten most populous cities on Earth. But hey, who need more police? What they need is programs...3.3 BILLION dollars worth.

Why am I talking about something in South America? Well, since the M.S.M sees this as a bold, and "heroic" initiative, its a matter of time before it hits our shores with even more force.
Still dont believe me? Another quote:
"“The majority of the problems in Brazil can be solved with more opportunities” for the nation’s youth"........just like the Milwaukee inner city?
God knows that they dont have enough opportunity.

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