18 luglio 2007

Inagural PJ O'Rourke Award

Why PJ O'Rourke? Well, in his book "Parliment of Whores", he gave us this description to an ordinary man or woman who tries to understand some of the crap congress pulls:
"What the fcuk?!?!? What the fcuking fcuk??!??"
This was my reaction whe reading an MSNBC story and came across this little nugget:

[ "A tiny provision tucked into a spending bill for Iraq requires that prescriptions for Medicaid patients be written on “tamper-resistant” pads. But most doctors do not use such pads." ]

The author writes the story as tho the biggest part of the story is all the people that aren't going to be able to get the prescriptions they need.
Hey, skippy, why don't you ask what the hell Medicaid patients are doing in the Iraqi spending bill!!
Unbelievable!!! The rest.


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