01 febbraio 2007

Those of you....

...that thought you could avoid the "thought police", I give you this:

Washington Released from Rehab
Troubled Grey's Anatomy star Isaiah Washington has been released from a rehabilitation facility after a week of counseling for his repeated use of a homophobic slur. The star, who plays Dr. Preston Burke on the hit series, is expected to return to the set today. Washington, who will continue to receive outpatient counseling, caused an altercation on the show's set in October when he used a homosexual slur to refer to cast member TR Knight. He stirred up the controversy once again during a Golden Globes press conference when he used the term again while talking about the incident.

He said something beyond stupid: check.
He said it more than once: check
He took drugs, was violent towards someone or wished someone physical harm: not so much...
This guy may be an idiot, but to go to "rehab" so he can be "reprogrammed" to not hurt someone's feelings.....whoa, daddy!
Get ready to go to rehab if you refer to a Native-American as an "injun."
Unless, of course, you are a legislator from Wisconsin.

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And best of all, it only took a week! Miraculous.