06 febbraio 2007

The follies of youth.

As far back as I can remember, I've wanted to fly. As I got older, I moved on from just flying to wanting to fly F-18's and eventually, be in the space program. Going into outer space was, and is, my dream. In high school, I realized that if I want to persue my dream, the route would have to be a fighter pilot in the Navy.
Slight problem I did not foresee: I had the vision of Mr. Magoo.
Galactically bad eyesight kept me from flying.
All I'm saying is, I just think it would have caused less problems than this!!

Hell, I could have done that!!
As a matter of fact, in college.........ahem...sorry, but I digress.

3 commenti:

gopfolk ha detto...

She is 48!!! I understand follies of youth...I too had some...um...FUN in my college years but come on. This woman has to grow up!!

gopfolk ha detto...

my mistake...that would be 43 not 48...oops!

still Unreal... ha detto...

I guess i meant my youth..