05 febbraio 2007


Schools are closed in alot of areas around Milwaukee today because....wait for it....it's just too darn cold.
(Prepare for an old fogey moment...) When I was in school it closed once. It was so bad that whether they were closed or not, my dad called from his work to tell my mom not to send us. To put it in perspective, the whole "parting of the Red Sea" thing was child's play.
And now we close (boohoo..) "because its just too chilly."
I'm sure the rocket scientists in charge will cancel school the rest of winter 'CAUSE WE'RE IN FREAKIN' WISCONSIN, AND IT'S USUALLY COLD IN WINTER!
What the hell??!?

The reason they closed schools was a worry over children not having mittens and scarves.
Get real you numbnut nannies.
How many of those children "without" hats or gloves have parents that have TV's, cell phones, nice jewelry, etc., etc.??
No, this is just another way for the nanny state to take over your life.
So, since a minority of parents can't seem to dress their children appropriately for cold weather, we'll just cancel it for everyone.
Just like dodgeball, right?
How many kids today are out to a friend's house, a mall, snowball fighting, etc.?
(Prepare for old fogey moment 2..) I remember having the same arguement with my mom, too: "Mom! The schools have heat! I only need to be outside for a second! Come on!"

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mickey ha detto...

Not to worry, that minimum wage increase will be used for hats and mittens.
I'm sure of it.
Vince Condella or whatever his name is won't have to have his annual coat drive. The world will be at peace and children will be warm.