25 ottobre 2005


Before I go into my diatribe, I guess I should say a bit about my background…
I was born long ago…wait, maybe just the abridged version:
Born & Raised: Small town in southern Italy, Pop. ~3,000. Moved to the US in 1978 just as I hit 7 yrs. Raised and went to schools in Kenosha.

Attended UW-P as a History Major…then PoliSci, then Molecular Biology.
Q: What does that make me?
A: First or second picked at Trivial Pursuit. The pay stinks, but the benefits are good.

Moved to Greenfield for 4 years, moved back south to Racine 7 years ago.
I was raised in a Liberal, very strong Union household (UAW). I was a member of a Union myself – both as an employee and an owner. My eyes were opened in college, however, that there is a better way to do things.

I decided to become a US citizen when I was 16 or so, but when I went to college, there was always a better way to spend the roughly $300 (beer…uh..beer, etc.). I’m really not proud of that, but it’s the truth (I'll now refer you to name and scope of blog).
I finally became a citizen before the 2004 elections.
That story will appear here at some point as it is comical, in a sad way.

I feel very strongly about immigration, foreigners and conservative causes.
(Please note: the word is “conservative” not “republican.” Those who require a semantics lesson on the difference between these two words, please seek it elsewhere).

This particular blog will meander through politics, sports, life, sports and politics. Only not necessarily in that order.

Thanks for stopping by, all opinions are welcome but may be subject to question.

Special thanks to RDW for all the help and encouragement.

...and yes, the dates are in Italian. Deal with it.

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realdebate ha detto...

Welcome to the Cheddarshpere.

steveegg ha detto...

Welcome to this side of the Cheddarsphere. It does get addicting :-)

shana ha detto...

Hey, I'm the one with Cheddar in the title here :)

I am a bit curious though. You say that you are conservative, not republican (yes I know the difference), I am curious what party, if any, you do follow. Our family has been following the Constitutional Party for some time now, and we've been pretty happy with them so far. Makes me think Scott Walker is a Closet Constitutionalist... ;)
btw, Welcome!

Anonimo ha detto...

Welcome and many happy postings.

still Unreal... ha detto...

Thank you (!) all for your kind words and mentions in your blogs.

I look forward to your comments.


David ha detto...

Welcome! Have fun and be informative!